A University of Whales is one of the bands that will play Porchella Sunday, April 16, as part of the Tom Tom Founders Festival.  Photo by Ashley Travis

ARTS Pick: Porchella

Tom Tom Founders Festival saves one of its highlights for last in Porchella, a free music event that turns the expansive front porches of the Belmont neighborhood into stages for local players, including University of Whales, Michael Coleman and Gina Sobel. Pull up a lawn chair or stroll the streets of Goodman and Graves and […]

Sallie Ford will perform Saturday, April at The Southern Café and Music Hall. Publicity photo

ARTS Pick: Sallie Ford

By nature, musicians draw from their emotional lives, consciously or not, to commune and titillate. Sallie Ford puts it all on her sleeve unabashedly on her new album, Soul Sick, a confessional that deals with vulnerability and rebuilding, offered through a British Invasion-meets-girl group doo-wop melding of garage rock. Opener Molly Burch left a Hollywood […]

MC Remy St. Clair and FellowMan collaborate with DJ Double-U to bring the Rugged Arts showcase to the Tea Bazaar on Friday. Photo by Eze Amos


ARTS Pick: Nine Pillars Hip-Hop Cultural Festival

The weeklong Nine Pillars Hip-Hop Cultural Festival is evidence that Charlottesville’s scene is thriving. The fest kicks off April 17 with a youth showcase and features events such as the Build-a-Bar lyrics workshop and the Black Rhymes Matter seminar on rap as social activism. Poets, singers, dancers and emcees perform at a Verbs and Vibes […]