Ben Arthur joins Lauren Hoffman and Matt Curreri for Songwriters in the Round Friday, November 3. Publicity photo

ARTS Pick: Songwriters in the Round

Ben Arthur is so taken by the creative process that it informs his art in a literal sense. Whether he’s responding to Kurt Andersen’s story of Puritan settler Anne Hutchinson with a modern answer in song, or co-writing with notable author George Saunders, Arthur stays busy crafting his own subgenre through collaborations. He hosts the Emmy-nominated […]

Mike Cannon is sure to make something funny happen at the Paramount on Saturday night. Publicity photo

ARTS Pick: The United Nations of Comedy Tour

The United Nations of Comedy Tour returns with a fresh new lineup of gut-busting comedians, including Funnyman Skiba, Irene Morales, Brendan Sagalow and headliner Mike Cannon. From television to radio and podcasts, comedy is a way of life for Cannon, who riffs on smoking pot with cats, fear of marriage and life in New York […]

Carbon Leaf. Publicity photo

ARTS Pick: Carbon Leaf

In order to work around ownership issues, Carbon Leaf has been rerecording its past albums, the most recent being Nothing Rhymes With Woman. With the new recordings, band members took the opportunity to address things they didn’t like and squeeze some perfection out of the older material, all to the delight of fans who supported […]