Lord Nelson and company have the cure for your Thanksgiving hangover at the Jefferson on Friday. Tom Daly.

ARTS Pick: 2018 Hangover Ball

Hair of the dog in order? Raise your glass to an array of Americana artists from just down the road. The 2018 Hangover Ball is a collection of three musical acts prepared to take things back to the roots of American musical culture. Featuring the folksy kicks of Chamomile & Whiskey, Lord Nelson’s memorable instrumentals, […]

The Calidore String Quartet performs on Tuesday. Photo: Marco Borggreve.

ARTS Pick: Calidore String Quartet

In 2016, the Calidore String Quartet electrified its career by entering the inaugural M-Prize International Chamber Music Competition and walking away with the largest prize for chamber music in the world. From there, the accolades piled up: The New York Times heralded the group’s “deep reserves of virtuosity,” the Los Angeles Times recognized its “balance […]