May the wind be at your back when Celtic rock band Gaelic Storm blows through the Jefferson on Sunday night. Photo: Publicity photo

ARTS Pick: Gaelic Storm

The name evokes a tempestuous clan of freckled redheads taking no prisoners as they blast through a set of fiddle-driven pub rock in the heart of a Celtic village, but, in reality, Gaelic Storm is a group of friends who met in Santa Monica, California, and made it big after appearing as the steerage band […]

Get the scoop on the latest releases from P.O.D., Joe Satriani and Vintage Trouble. Photo: File photo

Album reviews: P.O.D., Joe Satriani, Vintage Trouble

P.O.D. The Awakening/T-Boy/UMe P.O.D. ended its previous record, Murdered Love, with singer Sonny Sandoval dropping f-bombs and checking off a list of the many forms of baggage that Christians bring to the table. The Awakening takes up the cause by way of a concept record featuring a drug-addicted, alcoholic, home-wrecking, neglected man going through a […]