Bella Morte drummer Jordan Marchini’s metal supergroup Fulton Ave. features (L to R) Drew Curtis, Marchini, Kim Dylla, JJ Williams and Justin Melton. Benjamin Linden photography

ARTS Pick: Fulton Ave.

Heavy-rock band Fulton Ave. was formed around the desire to channel some aggressive energy into the region’s music scene. Fronted by vocalist Kim Dylla (formerly Vulvatron in GWAR), the band describes its intensity as “straightforward riffs, a crushing rhythm section, haunting melodies and lyrics that scream far past obscene.” The Smell of Death and VAtallica open. […]

ARTS Pick: Comedy at the Omni

Try dining while laughing, and all you’ve learned about etiquette gets tossed, maybe spewed. Comedy at the Omni, led by award-winning director David Webster, features a memorable evening of improv put on by a team of comedic actors and fueled by audience participation over a three-course dinner. Saturday, January 14. $69.95, 6pm. 18-plus. Omni Charlottesville Hotel, […]

Mike Doughty, former frontman for Soul Coughing, plays Thursday, January 12, at The Southern Cafe and Music Hall.

ARTS Pick: Mike Doughty

Mike Doughty’s recent move to Memphis may have inspired the self-described “lonesome country” aspect of The Heart Watches While the Brain Burns. The album’s trap beats, however, speak to the influence of his longtime collaboration with New York hip-hop producer Good Goose, who contributed remotely via the Internet. Always willing to explore (see 2015’s biblical […]