Lee Bains III and the Glory Fires tell new stories about a complicated past on their album Dereconstructed. The rockin’ Birmingham quartet opens for Diarrhea Planet on Friday at the Southern. Publicity Image

Lee Bains III & the Glory Fires defy Southern rock tropes

Deconstructed displays its dichotomy right off the bat. The sophomore missive from Birmingham, Alabama’s Lee Bains III and the Glory Fires opens with a greasy overdriven guitar riff and some howling gospel-inflected vocalizations from Bains. Twenty-five seconds into “The Company Man,” the drums and bass kick in and it’s pure boogie, twin guitars trading twangy […]

Anne Slaughter’s “At the Edge of the Night” depicts the artist’s escape from occupied France during World War II. Photo courtesy of the artist.

Layers of emotion: Artist Anne Slaughter builds up to self-discovery

Anne Slaughter has been a familiar presence on the Charlottesville art scene for many years, her oeuvre being most notable for its heavily worked surfaces. Slaughter spends enormous effort on these, building them up with layers of pigment, “Many, many layers,” she emphasized. She’s constantly tinkering, applying paint and then sanding it down, reapplying paint […]

Robert Rydland (center) stars as lovesick sculptor Brindsley Miller in Four County Players' production of Black Comedy. Publicity photo.

ARTS Pick: Black Comedy

Barboursville’s Four County Players give dark humor a new meaning in a production of Peter Shaffer’s riotous one-act farce Black Comedy. Beginning in total darkness, the play follows lovesick sculptor Brindsley Miller’s futile attempt to impress his fiancée’s wealthy father with various objets d’art “borrowed” from an absent neighbor. Unexpected visitors, errant phone cords, and […]