Image: Jason Crosby

Speak up: Why chefs want more complaints

I have a bad habit of never complaining at restaurants. Maybe it’s my British heritage. Brits don’t like to draw attention to themselves. When asked, “How is everything?” a Brit could be choking on a poisoned, flaming shard of glass while being pummeled by the bus boy, and would still muster: “Jolly good, thanks.” Why do […]

Writhe through two jam-fueled nights with Lotus as they venue hop from the Jefferson on Friday to the Pavilion on Saturday. Publicity photo

ARTS Pick: Lotus

Wrapping up the spring leg of its Gilded Age tour with two C’ville shows, jamtronica five-piece group Lotus pairs classic rock sounds in the vein of The Allman Brothers Band and The Grateful Dead with modern dance beats. The Indiana-based band has built a vast underground following since its formation in 1999, becoming known for […]