Folk music road warrior Philippe Bronchtein parks for a set as Hip Hatchet at The Garage on Friday. Publicity photo

ARTS Pick: Hip Hatchet

Jack-of-all-trades Philippe Bronchtein crafts rustic, witty Americana as the one-man folk band Hip Hatchet. His years on the road have fueled earnest lyrical examinations of classic folk tropes like hard life lessons and the trials of romantic love. While he currently roots himself firmly in the singer-songwriter tradition, Bronchtein’s style also shows traces of his […]

Charlize Theron stars in Mad Max: Fury Road, a cinematically thrilling revival of the vagabond Aussie policeman’s post-apocalyptic battles. Photo: Warner Bros.

Film review: Fury Road takes the Mad Max series to new greatness

There have been plenty of good/above average blockbusters in recent years that leave you thrilled, invigorated, entertained and properly conditioned to buy the eventual mega-deluxe Blu-ray special edition. But Mad Max: Fury Road is no ordinary blockbuster. You won’t just be entertained. You’ll wonder why anyone has ever bothered to make a movie that isn’t […]