Bright and beaming: Charlottesville street style


Bright and beaming: Charlottesville street style

ANUSHA was in town from New York City, brightening up the Downtown Mall with her carefree yet elegant combination of a seafoam green crepe blouse, bubble gum pink skinny jeans from Forever 21, with simple, black, Aerosole ballet flats, daintily be-bowed. She accented it all with a Michael Kors bag slung over her shoulder.

I caught sight of KRISTINA walking up Preston Avenue to get her car out of the shop. Inexplicably apologetic that her get-up seemed to be mostly J. Crew, she had assembled her thin, blue, cotton pin-striped blouse, bright tangerine corduroy slacks, and two-toned brown and cream single-buckled shoes impeccably. I reminded her that style is how you bring it all together, not what the tags read. Point proven by her beige shoulder bag with lace overlay snagged online at, and her chic Coach eyeglass frames from, which all came together to make the look her own.

I was surprised on the Corner by the sight of JIN, a recent UVA grad from Yorktown. She was sporting skinny, eggplant-hued Guess Jeans tucked into a pair of lace and buckle Steve Madden boots, paired with a flouncy cream, crochet-detailed blouse and lace headband from Anthropologie. Jin topped it all off with a faux woven-leather, caramel-colored, ’80s vintage Saddle River cross-shoulder bag. Street smart and feminine, all at once.