Blues Explosion Returns to the Jefferson

Blues Explosion Returns to the Jefferson

For the past 25 years, Jon Spencer has been wowing audiences with some of the trashiest, rowdiest, rock & roll imaginable. Using Exile-era Stones as their sacred text, the Jon Spencer Blues Explosion crank the knobs up to 11 for a sweat-drenched, swaggering, inebriated blues-rock experience. Meat and Bone is their first new album in eight years, but it picks up exactly where they last left off, proving that their formula only improves with age, and their current reunion tour has them sounding tighter and funkier than ever. The Explosion rolls through town on Monday, January 14th at the Jefferson.

Check out the video for their latest, “Bag of Bones:”

$15-$17, 7pm, Jefferson Theater, 110 E. Man St. Downtown Mall. 245-4980.

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