Best vegetarian menu 2013: Revolutionary Soup

Photo: Aaron Cohen Photo: Aaron Cohen

Revolutionary Soup

105 14th St. NW
108 Second St. SW

412 E. Main St.

A 2006 TV ad for Nutri-Grain bars features a very enthusiastic office worker who eats one of the snacks and then decides he feels so “grrrrrreeeaaaat!” that he quits his job, proposes to his coworker, and agrees to having 500 babies with her (“Babies everywhere!” she says). Vegetarian food—arguably a lot healthier than a Nutri-Grain bar—is a lot like that, in that it makes you feel, well, grrrrrreeeaaaat. There’s no better place in town for veggie fare than Rev Soup, where tiny Vs dot the menu to denote meat- (and often dairy-) free options like Tomato Basil Bisque, Roquefort Salad, and the Lisa Quesadilla. At Eppie’s, find a melty brie and apple sandwich or salads like The Daily to quench your veggie craving.

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