Best tacos 2013: Guadalajara

Photo: Aaron Cohen Photo: Aaron Cohen


3450 Seminole Trail #101
805 E. Market St.
2206 Fontaine Ave.
395 Greenbrier Dr.
108 Town Country Ln.

Continental Divide
811 W. Main St.
La Michoacana (tie)
1138 E. High St.

When people say such-and-such is the greatest thing since sliced bread, they should actually say it’s the greatest thing since folded bread, because that’s how good tacos are. And no one does a taco better than Guadalajara, with five locations and an extensive menu. Add a margarita (or two) for good measure. Tied for second place, Continental Divide, whose “Get in here” sign beckons you to indulge, and authentic Mexican taco spot La Michoacana on East High Street.

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  • Libby

    You have GOT to be kidding. I’m not aware of the nominees but I can name at 10 places with better tacos. Including “Mi Casa” which just opened in Ruckersville and not to mention the taco truck on Hydraulic and the wonderful tacos at the Farmer’s Market. SMH

    • Jed

      Honestly. Maybe the worst picks across the board to date. But this is one of the worst of the worst. They should rename this competition “The most frequented of C-ville,” at least when it comes to food.

  • Ash

    Taco Bell is better than Quadalajara

  • Esteban

    Yea, out of the three, La Michoacana is far ahead of both Guadalajara and especially Continental Divide…the divide is nothing but drunk food…

    • Anonymouse

      Also like La Michoacana and El Tupeyac with slight nod to “La Mich”. City Market tacos are OK. All of these are far better than Guadalajara or the Continental Divide, which is pretty mediocre mexican food. For shame!

  • Steph

    El puerto is better or Mexican tacos at the city market.

  • Kro

    Bullshit! Guadalajara sucks ass! El Puerto on Barracks Rd is WAY better than Guadalajara! Best Mexican tacos in this town? Try EL TAKO NAKO truck at the lavanderia on Hydraulic Rd

  • jay

    They paid for it! Say whatever you wanna say, we all know this is bullshit!

  • gobstopper

    I have to agree with all of the other posters. Guadalajara is not good and has never been. No way do they have the best tacos in town.

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