Best service 2013: The Local

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The Local

824 Hinton Ave.

633 W. Main St.

The promise of a good menu gets people into restaurants, but great service keeps them coming back. No one knows this better than Peter Shankman, a devoted fan of Morton’s Steakhouse who once jokingly tweeted that the restaurant should meet him at the airport with a porterhouse—and they did. Sure, that seems a little extreme, but readers know that’s the same kind of attentiveness that causes them to return to The Local (and Maya, for that matter) time and again.

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  • Jack Torse

    You’ve got to be kidding me. The Local hands-down has the worst service (and food) of any of their peers. I’ve gone there many times through the years and the service has always been inattentive or inadequately staffed and the food mediocre – at best. How do you screw up a hamburger?? smdh on this one y’all.

  • elfno

    After 15 years living in cville and having gone to pretty much every restaurant in the area, The Local is the FIRST restaurant ever to totally forget my order. And that was after an hour wait at the table. My second time eating there, and the first was only because it was paid for by my company. Food mediocre, service questionable at best. Reserve your efforts for Mas or Tavola where the food is awesome and the service excellent.

  • Local is Rad.

    I’d pick a fight with C-VILLE if this was their opinion. This was a legit reader-led vote. Maybe you nay-sayers should give the Local another shake. I’ve had nothing but great experiences there. – Sincerely, a guy with no dog in the fight.

  • Miss_Fritz

    Here we go again… “Best of…” Cville Weekly’s biggest advertisers! The truly “best” are conspicuous by their absence – in both this “feature” and your ad space.

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