Best pediatrician 2013: Piedmont Pediatrics


Piedmont Pediatrics

900 Rio E. Ct.

Paige Perriello
1011 E. Jefferson St.

It takes 11 years to become a pediatrician, which means that, all together, this year’s winners (five doctors at Piedmont Pediatrics) and runner-up have 66 years of medical experience between them. That’s a lot of expertise looking after your little one. But, then again, you probably wouldn’t consider anything less.

  • Cville

    Entire practice of 5 doctors vs. one doctor – Is this a fair comparison??

    • FYI

      Dr. Perriello is listed as a single MD, but really she’s the lead MD/owner? of Pediatric Assocs. which has more than 5 MDs.

  • JohnF

    Totally agree not really fair to compare an entire practice vs one doctor.

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