Best BBQ 2013: Belmont Bar-B-Que

Photo: John Robinson Photo: John Robinson

Belmont Bar-B-Que

816 Hinton Ave.

BBQ Exchange
102 Martinsburg Ave., Gordonsville
(540) 832-0227

A tradition at the White House since Thomas Jefferson first opened up the South Lawn for entertaining, barbecues are a summertime staple—especially in Virginia. In our area, there’s no better spot to get the Q than Belmont, where the tiny take-out spot offers it up Oklahoma-style. In Gordonsville, top chef Craig Hartman gives his menu a gourmet touch, but keeps the pig pit simple.

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  • Trash

    Belmont better than BBQ Exchange? A joke. Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for a good slop bucket, but the quality of BBQ is so vastly superior at BBQ Exchange.

  • Wha? Chinango

    For the first time I participated in the Cville Best Of series, and it was a big disappointment. We see the top vote-getters from a very limited pool of multiple choice responses. It may not be thus, but the candidates may be selected from advertisers? There are categories where there would be many persons/entities eligible from the area, and the selection presents two or three. I don’t know the process used for nomination, but not allowing write-in response makes for a very stilted and disappointing survey.

  • Anonymouse

    Um, yeah. Anyone who votes belmont as better barbecue than BBQ Exchange has no taste. My guess is that most just haven’t ventured out to Gordonsville to try it.

  • cvillain

    Folks need to go try Smoked BBQ at the east end of the downtown mall (pavilion side). Original owner of the Carving Board Cafe is doing it right. And don’t forget Buttz Bbq on Eliewood. For my money I would take both of these over Belmont Bbq. And pinto beans DO NOT make baked beans.

    • Anonymouse

      Also like Buttz better than Belmont, which I find to be dry with not much seasoning and mediocre sauces (though the slop bucket is cool). However, I can barely find times that buttz is open and don’t even get me started about parking back there.

  • esteban

    Just on sides alone, The BBQ Exchange beats Belmont…

  • Pig Lovin’ Porker

    Yay for all the negative comments! More Belmont BBQ for me!!!!

  • No Name

    I just don’t understand how Belmont BBQ gets voted best BBQ, and for a few years in a row, this BBQ is not good at all. I guess Cville just doesn’t know good BBQ. The best place I have been able to find is BBQ Exchange and they are only pretty good. BBQ should be better than what we are getting in this area people!!

    • Happycook1

      Try a New place on Rt. 53. The old Buck Island BBQ Store. Me2 Market and Eatery .Pork BBQ on fresh baked homemade potato rolls. In store made slaw & sides. Even have fresh baked goods.

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