Best barber 2013: Staples Barber Shop

Photo: Ashley Twiggs Photo: Ashley Twiggs

Staples Barber Shop

Barracks Road Shopping Center

Chung’s Barber Shop
Albemarle Square Shopping Center

They say the difference between a good haircut and a bad haircut is two weeks. But readers know that’s not even a consideration when they step into Staples for a trim. The barbers at the Barracks Road Shopping Center joint have kept local locks in check for 90 years. At Chung’s, enjoy a hot towel massage at the Albemarle Square cuttery. (But be warned: They don’t take credit cards!)

  • Mustafa Okasha

    The guy cut my EAR and instead of saying sorry he said, “The machine looks good to me”. He didn’t even offer me a tissue to stop the bleeding so I had to walk to CVS, the nearest pharmacy to it, to get some alcohol swabs!!!

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