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Kelly Meyers Rogan, who’s been with Mountfair Vineyards for years, recently took on the role of winemaker. Photo: Rammelkamp Foto

Red red wine: Mountfair winemaker shares her secrets

Tucked away at the end of a windy dirt road at the foot of the Blue Ridge Mountains, Mountfair Vineyards is not a spot that you’re likely to just stumble upon. The tasting room is modest, both in size and décor, making it clear that the emphasis is on the wines, not the show. The […]

Not unlike here in Central Virginia, winemakers in Sicily take pride in producing wines specific to the area. File photo

A Charlottesville wine lover takes on the grapes of Sicily

We all know the “locavore” movement is in full swing, as evidenced by the evolution of restaurant menus across the country, and countless articles and books written about the local food scene. Charlottesville thrives in the midst of farms and locally grown food, and as Virginia gains credibility as a wine destination, our little town […]

Check out Tastings of Charlottesville for a selection of Thanksgiving wines for every budget. Photo: Elli Williams

What’s on the shelves at Tastings for Thanksgiving

I am thankful for…wine! And the best advice I can give for a stress-free Thanksgiving holiday is to keep a glass of vino nearby before, during, and after the big meal. It doesn’t even have to be excellent wine—just something that’s refreshing and takes the edge off. Planning a multi-dish feast for your nearest and dearest […]

Get a taste of east and west at North Garden’s Albemarle Ciderworks on November 22, when it hosts a blind tasting. File photo

An apple a day: Your guide to Virginia Cider Week

Thomas Jefferson must be smiling in his grave right about now. The resurgence of viticulture, agriculture, and hard cider surrounding his homeplace and spanning the breadth of the state is astounding. Virginia has not seen this much activity and excitement about fruit, whether it’s fermenting or not, since the early 1800s. Even during this technological […]

Whether Zweigelt, Blaufränkisch, or Grüner veltliner, wines from Austria are more than just a jumbled mix of letters and umlauts: They’re dry, well-crafted, and easily pairable whether white or red. File photo.

Umlaut or not: Fill your glass with a wine from Austria

Austrian wines easily intimidate American oenophiles, who generally lack knowledge about wines from this country save for the 1985 diethylene glycol wine scandal, a.k.a. the “antifreeze scandal.” We tend to think of these wines as hard-to-pronounce grape varietals from unrecognizable regions with long names that are sticky on the tongue. So, that being said, let’s […]

Pad ped from Thai '99. Photo: Elli Williams.

Overheard on the restaurant scene…This week’s food news (September 9)

Let’s get right to the national buzz meter: Six Charlottesville restaurants have been accepted to participate in this fall’s Taste America Local Dish event, held by the James Beard Foundation, one of the nation’s premier culinary organizations. Throughout September and October, select restaurants around the country will create one dish that conveys their area’s local […]

Barboursville Vineyards makes a delightful barbera. It is bright and crisp with a lighter palate than other red wines. Photo: Courtesy Barboursville Vineyards

It’s all French to me: Say ‘Oui!’ to these best bets with French origins

Virginia is home to many international transplants—residents, tourists, students, laborers, and…vitis vinifera grapes. Every person and every grape planted here has been rooted elsewhere, and many have found a home amongst our mountains, valleys, and ever-changing climate. Thomas Jefferson planted upwards of 30 European grape varieties at Monticello in the 1770s, which did not yield […]

File photo.

Sweet summer sips: Go ahead and wine about the heat

Hot weather screams for cold drinks, and in the summertime, nothing wets the whistle faster than chilled white wine. There are plenty of “patio pounders” on the market, meaning an inexpensive bottle of easily quaffable wine that takes little to no effort for the brain to compute, while delivering a much-needed respite from the heat. […]

The Willamette Valley is the largest AVA in Oregon, with more than 100 miles stretching southwest of Portland to Eugene. File photo.

It’s Willamette, dammit! Making the case for Oregon wines

If rain is Oregon’s best-known cliché, then Pinot Noir is the runner-up. With May celebrating Oregon Wine Month, and the Willamette Valley being one of my favorite wine regions in the world, what better time than now to delve into this sustainable wine mecca? Viticulturally, Oregon is a big state, with five AVAs (American Viticultural […]

Dean Maupin completed his purchase of the C&O on June 4, but don’t worry—no big changes are in store. Photo: Andrea Hubbell

Foodie classes for the New Year: This week’s restaurant news

Many of the spring classes offered by PVCC’s Workforce Series will focus specifically on cooking and food. Here’s a look at what you can expect this semester. (Bonus: Many of the classes will be held in the newly renovated Jefferson School City Center!) Jack Hanny, former White House visiting chef and author of Secrets from […]

File photo.

Wine, whiskey, and a Mayan send-off: This week’s restaurant news

Whisky’d away Just in time for holiday shopping, Virginia Highland Malt whisky, from the Virginia Distillery Company, arrived in 80 Virginia ABC stores earlier this month. Grab a bottle of this local offering, which the press release notes has “a lovely acacia honey and ginger flavor from the Scottish whisky with the added notes of […]