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Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr. members Daniel Zott and Joshua Epstein drive an anti-pop attitude that results in a catchy, wide-ranging style.

Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr. gears up for the next record

Catchiness. It’s the pop song writer’s holy grail. But what is it about a song that gets it lodged in hipsters’ heads? Is it a combination of the perfect melody and a poetic hook? The right balance of whistling and “woo-woos”? Perhaps a horn-driven chorus? Cowbell anyone? Whatever the formula, Detroit-based Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr. […]

Todd Free (above) and former C’ville resident Scott Mactavish were in contention for an Oscar
nomination for their documentary Murph: The Protector.

Charlottesville cinematographer Todd Free’s near miss with the Oscars

Charlottesville was closer to being represented at last Sunday’s Academy Awards than a lot of people realize. While Darlene Love of 20 Feet From Stardom sang during the acceptance speech for the Best Documentary Feature Oscar, local cinematographer Todd Free watched from his couch on Belmont Avenue and thought, “I could have been there.” Free […]

A concrete countertop becomes a focal point in this Crozet kitchen. Photo: Courtesy Alexander Kitchin

Hard work: Concrete craftsmen elevate humble material

Alexander Kitchin wants to get your mind off the floor. “Most people are stuck down there,” he said. He’s referring to the common perception of how concrete is used in architecture. A UVA grad with a master’s degree in the discipline, Kitchin has devoted his 20-plus-year career to elevating the art of concrete design. Today, he […]

White Star Sound Studio’s Chris Keup has partnered with musx co-founders Eddie Sniezek and John Reardon to release a new music-sharing app.

Locally developed app looks to fill a niche in a crowded market

I’m tinkering with a new free app, and I’m totally hooked. I’m looking at my iPhone every five seconds to see if there’s a number next to the app icon, evidence I have the all-important new “notification.” I’m opening the app every five minutes to see if my feed has updated. I’m telling all my […]

Future Islands flies in fresh from its European tour to push electronic dance music forward
at the Southern on Monday.

Future Islands finds its place in the EDM sea

Throw the word “post” before the name of a music genre, and it can pretty much mean whatever you want it to. The members of Future Islands, an act caught somewhere in the limbo between indie rock and electronic dance music, once called themselves a “post-post” band. Fortunately, the three-piece outfit is willing to get […]

Amateur brewmaster Loren Moulds recently brewed his award-winning imperial red at Three Notch’d brewery. The Mosaic IRA will soon be available at several local bars and restaurants. Photo: Elli Williams

Ranked amateur: Homebrew for Hunger winner brings wares to market

Amateurs are making some darn good beer in this town. Amateurs, dude. Anyone who had the opportunity to attend the Homebrew for Hunger event at Fifth Season Gardening last fall knows about the quality of ale-shine C’ville has to offer. The only problem, assuming you’re able to get past your hang-ups about drinking unregulated beer […]

Lake Street Dive is on a run of (mostly) sold out shows, including Sunday’s Jefferson Theater gig.

Lake Street Dive eyes stardom through a vintage lens

Pop-soul throwback Lake Street Dive’s music is kind of like all these Spiderman movies, to loosely paraphrase drummer Michael Calabrese. “There is this whole thing right now in our culture of reaching back and trying to do something new with old ideas and make sense of them in our modern time,” he told C-VILLE Weekly […]

Lou Barlow (middle) has worked out the personality conflicts in his bands Dinosaur Jr. and Sebadoh (pictured), and is still making “angsty” music.

Interview: Sebadoh’s Lou Barlow finds humor in rock band drama

Lou Barlow has been involved in some of the quaintest rock ’n’ roll feuds of all time. In an industry where grudges are common and time seems only to deepen rifts between once-close bandmates, the Dinosaur Jr. bassist and Sebadoh frontman has pretty much made up with everyone he’s ever crossed. The lo-fi legend was […]

Sound the alarm: What you need to know about fire safety

Sound the alarm: What you need to know about fire safety

In the wake of the January Keswick fire that took the lives of a woman and her two children in mid-January, Charlottesville Fire Department Batallion Chief Rich Jones said CFD’s goal is never to have another fire death in the area. It’s a lofty aim, he admitted, but through education and preparedness, it could be […]

Didgeridoo player William Barton makes a bold impression as travels the world to promote the instrument’s heritage.

Modern master puts his spin on ancient instrument

Sometime in late elementary school, you learn about the didgeridoo (occasionally spelled didjeridu). It’s a funky instrument played by half naked Aboriginal people in the Australian bush. It’s more than a thousand years old. It doesn’t actually sound all that great. Then, while attending a Phish show, you come across another didge. It’s pressed to […]

Members of the Kansas City Barbecue Society may have different levels of judging experience, but they all agree that flavor and texture are the most important when it comes to the smoky meats. File photo.

Pig picky: At the table with the Kansas City Barbecue Society

When I received an e-mail about a bunch of barbecue competition judges getting together in January to taste some ’cue because they were “missing the competition smoke in the dead of winter,” I was skeptical. “You realize this could be the most awkward hour of my life,” I told my editor. A dozen strangers, around […]

New folk favorite Joe Pug returns to the Southern for one last outing before retreating to the studio to cut his next record.

Joe Pug takes one last spin before making a new record

The cover art on singer-songwriter Joe Pug’s latest album, The Great Despiser, shows a nearly naked man barely hanging on to the end of a rising balloon. Who knows what it means? Pug says his lyrics are somewhat autobiographical, but they have enough metaphor and allegory thrown in to create some space between the man […]

The Korner has been serving up classic burgers since the 1950s. Photo: Martyn Kyle

Burger bash: The Korner quietly serves up a crosstown rivalry

Almost nothing upsets me more than a poorly constructed sandwich. I’m not kidding. This may show my crazy a bit more than is appropriate for general audiences, but I have literally coldcocked a sandwich for falling apart in my hands. Yep. Dropped it on the plate, and decked it. If you’re anything like me (God […]

Matthew Houck makes records under the name Phosphorescent. He will be backed by a full touring band at his Jefferson gig on Thursday.

Interview: Matthew Houck steps from behind Phosphorescent

Musicians. They’re just like the rest of us. Some of them you hit it off with immediately—you get them, and they try their best to understand you. With others, you just don’t see eye-to-eye. Phosphorescent’s Matthew Houck is the type of guy it would be hard not to see eye-to-eye with. An Alabama native who […]

Ted Bowne (second from left) and Passafire extract the best of the reggae sound and fuse it into high energy rock.

Passafire likes its rock with a side of reggae

Passafire’s Ted Bowne says he has nothing but respect for his peers in reggae, but there’s one figure in the modern game he doesn’t like—Snoop Lion, formerly Snoop Dogg. “I thought the transformation was well-intended, but if someone starts coming around your house and wearing your clothes and talking like you, it is weird,” Bowne […]

Champion Brewery, run by president and head brewer Hunter Smith, offers a winter warmer style beer and a new chocolate-cherry stout this season. Photo: Elli Williams

Six seasonal beers to warm you in the chilly months

Beer is like a moody lover. It can do you so right, before turning around (as soon as the next morning!) to do you so wrong. But beer still loves you, baby. Don’t be like that. Seasonal beers, more than any other, know how to find the right mood. In the summer, you want to […]

Moto Pho Co.’s banh mi features vegetables pickled in house, chicken liver, pork paté, and mayonnaise on a French baguette. Photo: Elli Williams

Vietnamese please: Can Charlottesville produce a decent banh mi?

The only thing that could make the banh mi sandwich better is if there were some obscure, obnoxious way to pronounce it. Then all the people who call pho “fuh” could lord their culinary superiority over everyone else in yet another way. “It’s not a ‘bon-me,’” they’d say. “It’s a ‘boon-mh.’” I take that back. […]

Pearl Jam’s Eddie Vedder still rocks with all the angst and passion of his grunge movement youth. Image: Dan Addison

Three for ’13: A take on the best shows of the year

Live music is as important now as it’s ever been. With the days of the huge record contract all but behind us and the era of the small label in full swing, most bands can’t make a living without hitting the road hard. “It’s a hard business,” Cold War Kids front man Nathan Willett told […]

Crozet resident and internationally known folk muscian, Ellis Paul finds creative freedom in the local music scene. He plays the Southern on Saturday and Sunday.

Local songwriter Ellis Paul breaks down the craft

There’s a scene in Animal House where John Belushi’s character Bluto walks by a folk singer strumming a tune in the Delta Tau Chi fraternity house. He listens to the lyrics for a moment—“I gave my love a chicken that had no bones” —before smashing the guitar against the wall and handing it back to […]

The crispy, gooey tuna melt has become a regular favorite at the Cavalier Diner. Photo: Martyn Kyle/Pernmoot Photography

Big tuna: Cavalier Diner takes on greasy spoon classics

I was once talking to my boss from across his cubicle when he stopped me mid-sentence and asked, “What’s that smell?” Of all the people you don’t want to hear this from, your boss is probably behind only someone you’d like to bed. Maybe it’s not me, I hoped. But after a quick self-inventory, I had […]