Shea Gibbs

In his own home, former Stereo Types owner Greg Hiemenz relies on speakers by Bowers & Wilkins, a brand that's favored by musicians and sound engineers. Photo: Stephen Barling

Sounding superior: Shop smart for your next sound system

Now that it’s out of fashion to put your boombox on your shoulder and parade up and down the street, how are you supposed to force your superior music taste down the ear canals of passersby? Sadly, just about the only way to spread your song-selecting genius these days is to lure folks into your […]

Jason Pollock (second from left) traded a high profile musician’s life on the road for the backroad charms of Batesville and home recordings with The Pollocks. Publicity photo.

The art of Pollock: One-time national songwriter goes local

Jason Pollock has achieved more fame making music than most people ever dream of. As a member of ’90s post-grunge rock band Seven Mary Three, he toured the world and played to tens of thousands. He co-wrote the band’s 1997 Billboard Top 100 No. 1 hit “Cumbersome,” as well as its No. 7 hit that […]

A faux-coffered ceiling in the home of one of Ami Smith's clients segments its painted surface. Photo: Rammelkamp Foto

The ceiling deal: Why should walls have all the fun?

With all the ways we decorate a four-walled room, one space tends to go neglected: ceilings. “It’s kind of your fifth wall,” said Ami Smith, proprietor of Charlottesville’s Embellish Interiors. “It can be a sort of accent.” Indeed, it can be a lot of things. Here are a few ideas offered by Smith and other […]

Feast week: Our guide to a can’t-miss culinary staycation

Feast week: Our guide to a can’t-miss culinary staycation

Set aside for a moment that eating out three times a week is perhaps excessively gluttonous, and come with me on a quick trip. It’ll be like a vacation, but you’ll get to stay right here in Charlottesville. Oh, hey, we could call it a STAYcation! Get it? No one’s ever thought of that before, […]

Major players Stephen Nachmanovitch and Robert Jospé will collaborate in the live improv concert Free Play at UVA’s Brooks Hall on Saturday. Photo: Greg Nachmanovitch.

Hipper than jazz: Two local cats take improvisation to another plane

Jazz player and UVA music professor Robert Jospé has some pretty far-out ideas about music. But Stephen Nachmanovitch, the man who’ll join Jospé onstage for a completely improvised concert on January 24 at UVA’s Brooks Hall, makes him seem like an accountant in a conservative suit. “My early musical experiences were in the classical music […]

Florida Georgia Line’s Brian Kelley (left) and Tyler Hubbard will be ready to party when they stop in Charlottesville on Saturday. Publicity photo.

Windows down: Florida Georgia Line balances outlaw and pop country

Two stories come out of Nashville. The first one is: The town is full of amazing singer-songwriters, and you can see one of them playing on any given night at any corner bar. The second goes like this: The stars of modern country aren’t those same singer-songwriters; they’re the good-looking young people who can put […]

DJ Shadow and Cut Chemist let the turntables do the talking as they compose the history of hip-hop using Afrika Bambaataa’s record collection. Photo: Joe Conzo.

Used records: Progressive hip-hop patriarchs take on the old school

Performers are typically talkative. Sure, some are eccentric. And some have bouts of social awkwardness. But for the most part, people willing to get up on stage to entertain others are willing to talk about themselves. Not so Lucas MacFadden, a.k.a. Cut Chemist. The man who first made it big lurking behind the turntables for […]

TV star/pop song princess Kate Voegele brings her new tunes, new grit, and a Wahoowa to the Southern on Wednesday. Publicity photo.

In transition: Teen queen Kate Voegele explores her mature side

Kate Voegele was miscast—quite literally. Voegele’s career hit the fast track in 2005 when she gained a strong following on the social media site MySpace. That same year, MySpace and Interscope Records teamed up to create MySpace Records, and Voegele became one of the label’s earliest signees. She released her first major label-backed full-length record […]