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Jason Flom says luck is at the center of his success in running four record labels, including his own, Lava, which signed Katy Perry after she was dropped by multiple labels. Photo: Courtesy subject

Jason Flom on making hit records and freeing the innocent

Jason Flom was born into wealth and privilege. His father, Joseph Flom, made a name in legal circles as a mergers and acquisitions savant, a man who built one of the largest law firms in the country and is sometimes known as “Mr. Takeover.” As a youth growing up in New York City, the younger […]

Local band turned pop sensation, Parachute (Johnny Stubblefield, Will Anderson and Kit French) kicks off a tour for its fourth album, Wide Awake, at the Jefferson on Saturday. Photo: Publicity photo

Dropping in: Parachute aims for the top of the pop chart

Will Anderson says his Parachute bandmates like cool music. Him? Not so much. “I’m so fascinated with pop music,” Anderson says. “It’s always been my obsession. I’m sure people get tired of it—my poor friends always have to hear about it. And I’m talking about like ’NSYNC and the Backstreet Boys.” And so it goes […]

Porcelain wood-look tile like this sample from Wainwright Tile won’t lower costs upfront, but its durability and lesser maintenance requirements could save in the long-run.

Wood you? New alternatives to hardwood are flooring some homeowners

Faux wood has, in the past, been a splinter in the discerning consumer’s eye. But new products and improvements on standbys are changing that, according to local floor purveyors and homebuilders. From wood-look tile to luxury vinyl, floor treatments are treating high-end homeowners to options that were never before possible. “If they love everything about […]

Photo: David Marshall

Step by step: When creatively designed, stairs don’t have to be space hogs

Thomas Jefferson hated stairs. Not personally. Architecturally. A design nut who conceptualized Monticello and parts of the Virginia State Capitol, Jefferson disdained the space stairs took up. According to the Monticello Foundation, he favored narrow, steep stairs with tight turns so the hulking masses wouldn’t rob him of space for more exciting design features. These […]

In this Garth Road laundry room designed by Reveal Builders, a top-loading washer was preferred. While front loaders have made strides in fan technology, top loaders are still the most popular—and less expensive—option. Photo: Andrea Hubbell

Appliance compliance: Make sure they fit your needs before buying in

Traditional wisdom says fall is a great time to buy appliances, as that’s when manufacturers crank out new models and retailers drop the price on older equipment. But, according to several local retailers, that’s not necessarily so. “I wouldn’t say there is a typical timeframe,” says Jeff Kramer, a sales consultant for the local outpost […]