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Live Arts high kicks through the holiday season with A Chorus Line. Image courtesy of Live Arts.

ARTS Pick: A Chorus Line

An exploration of colorful personalities thrown into the crockpot of a Broadway audition, A Chorus Line remains a towering figure in the rich canon of musical classics.

Love Canon fire off a new release and then rock the folk out of your ’80s favorites at the Jefferson. Photo: Milo Farineau

ARTS Pick: Love Canon

The party pours in to the Jefferson on Thanksgiving Eve when Love Canon gets cookin.’ The band is celebrating the new release of Greatest Hits Vol. 2 Mixtape, and revelers can burn the dinner rolls early with hot harmonizin’, mandolin shreddin’, banjo rollin’, speed pickin’ interpretations of ZZ Top, Loverboy and other early ’80s MTV staples.

Wise guy rapper Rick Ross philosophizes the game as a tactical insider standing strong. (Publicity photo)

ARTS Pick: Rick Ross

Big man of the rap game and Maybach Music Group founder, Rick Ross (Rick Ro$$ or Ricky Rozay, to the overly-colloquial), brings a Cerberus act rounded out by fellow Maybach artists Wale and Meek Mill to town.

From boxcar ballads to “Bitches’Brew,” Marco Benevento bangs out experimental jazz on piano. (Publicity photo)

ARTS Post: Marco Benevento

Want a recipe for experimental, space-age piano rock? Start with a graduate of the Berklee School of Music, stir in masterful key playing that sounds like anything but piano, add a dash of sonic loop-de-loops, and finish with vocals whispered from beyond the ether.

Natalie Cole brings her famous genealogy and vocal prowess to the Paramount stage.

ARTS Pick: Natalie Cole

Award-winning vocalist Natalie Cole has refreshed standards out of the Great American Songbook from Sinatra and her own father, Nat King Cole. With boundless vocal dexterity and a wealth of soulful emotion behind her lyrics, Cole is on tour supporting 2009’s Still Unforgettable, which harkens back to her ’91 Grammy Award for Album of the […]

Party boy hunk Eric Church leads his fans to worship at the John Paul Jones Arena.

ARTS Pick: Eric Church

Country megastar Eric Church operates in threes. Hat, sunglasses, and stubble are his distinctive on-stage accoutrements. Blood, sweat, and beers are not only a lifestyle for the devout Church-goers who come to his concerts, but the name of his record-breaking arena tour. Chief, his recent platinum album, is his third studio output. Church seamlessly weaves […]