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The city’s Riverview Park, which is nestled between homes in the Woolen Mills neighborhood and the Rivanna River, was severely flooded. While the park has reopened to the public, its entry point to the Rivanna Trail remains closed. Photo by

UPDATED: Ivy flood victims found

The second victim’s body has been found after a couple’s Toyota Prius was swept away by flash flooding on the night of May 30 near the intersection of Old Ballard Road and Martin Farm Lane in Ivy. At about 12:30pm today, a canine search crew detected a scent about one-third of a mile downstream from […]

City Councilor Kathy Galvin (left) gave kudos to longtime Woolen Mills resident Bill Emory (right) for “sound[ing] the alarm” on the sewage stink in 2008, and not letting up. Photo by Martyn Kyle

Stink stopper: Woolen Mills odor reduction project cuts the crap

The stench of sewage wafting through the Woolen Mills neighborhood has sickened residents since the early 1900s. But after the completion of a 10-year and $10 million odor reduction project at the local wastewater treatment facility, project pioneers and neighbors came together to celebrate the fact that they can finally breathe easy again. “I haven’t […]

Local pickleball players participate in an open-play session at the Key Recreation Center on May 21, but you can find them practicing somewhere in town, on almost any given day of the week. Photo by Eze Amos

A big dill: PickleFest draws local and national pickleball talent

While this weekend’s PickleFest may sound like a celebration of brined cucumbers, it’s instead a festival centered around a sport that’s gained a massive following in Charlottesville over the last half a decade. Pickleball, the paddle sport that combines elements of tennis, badminton and ping-pong, was created in Seattle, in 1965, and has been slowly […]

Maurice Jones. Photo by Amy Jackson

Mayor Walker announces city manager out by December

Mayor Nikuyah Walker announced this afternoon that the city will not renew City Manager Maurice Jones’ contract, which ends December 7. She said an earlier separation date could be mutually agreed on. “In the life of any healthy organization, it is important to be able to recognize when change is needed,” Walker said. “Over the […]

Daniel Borden enters an Alford plea to a malicious wounding charge stemming from the August 12 Market Street parking garage beatdown.
Charlottesville police

‘Commie killer’ Daniel Borden enters plea, is found guilty

Another man charged with malicious wounding in the August 12 Market Street Parking Garage beatdown of DeAndre Harris has been convicted. Daniel Borden, whose local TV station and newspaper have said he was known for his swastika drawings and Nazi salutes in high school, was 18 years old when he traveled from Maumee, Ohio, to […]

Gwen Williams, who was racially profiled by a Wegmans employee, says it was hurtful and shameful, but she hopes to turn the negatives into positives by advocating new training for the grocery chain’s employees. Photo by Eze Amos

Wegmans encounter: City clerk a victim of racial profiling

‘‘You gotta be kidding me, right?” That was Gwen Williams’ initial response when a manager at the local Wegmans approached her in her car on May 2, said he’d received a complaint that an African-American woman in an orange top was panhandling in the grocery store’s parking lot, and asked if it was her. Williams’ […]

Kathy Yowell Rohm. Courtesy Albemarle County Police

Bad babysitter: Forest Lakes daycare operator pleads guilty

Kathy Yowell-Rohm spoke softly as she pleaded guilty May 7 to felony cruelty or injury to a child and operating a home daycare without a license after police found 16 children at her Forest Lakes residence last December. One adult is allowed to care for a maximum of four children at a daycare, according to […]

Jacob Goodwin, one of four men charged in the beating of DeAndre Harris August 12, was found guilty of malicious wounding.
Charlottesville police

Guilty: First August 12 parking garage beater convicted

  A Charlottesville jury decided May 1 that a man from Ward, Arkansas, who took part in a brutal beatdown of a local black man in the Market Street Parking Garage on August 12, was guilty of malicious wounding, potentially setting the bar for three other assailants accused of the same crime in the same […]

Crying Nazi Chris Cantwell bids an anti-Semitic adieu to Charlottesville. Photo by Eze Amos

Booze bracelet: Cantwell’s public intoxication charge violates terms of bond

“Drunk,” “loaded” and “liquored up” were all words used in Albemarle County Circuit Court to describe the state of “Crying Nazi” Chris Cantwell during his Loudoun County arrest last month that nearly landed the self-proclaimed racist back in the Albemarle-Charlottesville Regional Jail. At an April 25 hearing, Commonwealth’s Attorney Robert Tracci said good behavior was […]

The Belmont Apartments will increase the total amount of impervious surface on the 
6.6-acre lot by about 30,000 square feet, according to developer Alan Taylor.

Incoming! Belmont Apartments on the horizon

Popular Mas Tapas in the middle of Belmont is getting a new neighbor. Actually, more than 100 of them. The Belmont Apartments, proposed by Coran Capshaw- and Alan Taylor-owned Riverbend Development, will consist of at least 138 by-right apartment units, a clubhouse and 27,000 square feet of office and commercial space spread into six main […]

Area students gather at the Downtown Mall's Freedom of Speech Wall during the National School Walkout.

‘No more silence:’ Area students demand gun control—again

“Are we next?” That was the question on the minds and T-shirts of several local students who participated in today’s National School Walkout, on the anniversary of the 1999 shootings at Columbine High School that left 15 people dead. More than 100 students from Charlottesville, Albemarle and Monticello high schools, Tandem Friends School and the […]

North Downtown residents found fliers proclaiming that "it's okay to be white" on their front lawns this morning. Photo courtesy of Gail South

Still here: White supremacy strikes again

“It’s okay to be white.” The sentence that first started popping up on high school and university campuses in November is the same one that was plastered onto dozens of fliers, folded into a neat square, stuffed into a sandwich bag with a rock in it and tossed on the lawns of North Downtown residents […]

Rachel Thielmann is working to raise awareness about and prevent local child sexual abuse. Unfortunately, it’s more prevalent than you’d think, she says. Photo by Natalie Jacobsen

Awareness campaign: Child sexual abuse happens more often than you think

April is one of the first warm and welcoming months of the new year, but it’s also given two not-so-ideal titles: National Child Abuse Prevention month and Sexual Assault Awareness month. “Child sexual abuse is much more prevalent than people think,” says Rachel Thielmann, a prevention education specialist at Foothills Child Advocacy Center. Though her […]

Drivers of about 55 tractors rallied against the rain tax in White Hall before Supervisor Ann Mallek’s town hall meeting. Photo by Richard Fox

County controversy: Farmers say rain tax targets rural areas

A proposed stormwater utility fee in Albemarle that has widely become known as the “rain tax” has caused quite the ruckus. But a similar one in the city continues to go off without a hitch. County farmers say rural areas are unfairly targeted by the potential fee, because it will be calculated based on the number […]

Emotional Niko supporters embrace after the hearing. Staff photo

Death row dog: ‘Save Niko’ plea falters in court

Nearly 20 people in “Save Niko” T-shirts lined the benches inside of Albemarle County Circuit Court in support of a pitbull and his owners, who are pleading for another shot at saving the animal that’s been on doggy death row since 2014. In a March 29 hearing, Judge Cheryl Higgins dismissed a case for Audrey […]

Daniel Borden enters an Alford plea to a malicious wounding charge stemming from the August 12 Market Street parking garage beatdown.
Charlottesville police

Bellamy subpoenaed in neo-Nazi’s hearing

Last week an attorney defending an alt-right client subpoenaed a reporter as a witness. This week the same lawyer called a city councilor to court to support his motion that Daniel Borden, charged with malicious wounding, cannot get a fair trial in Charlottesville Mike Hallahan represents Borden, an Ohio man who was 18 years old […]

Jacob Goodwin, one of four men charged in the beating of DeAndre Harris August 12, was found guilty of malicious wounding.
Charlottesville police

Judge takes parking under advisement in August 12 case

An attorney for an Arkansas man who can be seen kicking DeAndre Harris in the face in videos of the August 12 Market Street Parking Garage brawl at the summer’s Unite the Right rally is now asking for a change of venue for his client’s upcoming trial. Elmer Woodard—the lawyer from Blairs who represents Jacob […]

Brian Lambert and Christopher Wayne await the outcome of their March 26 trials. They were charged with multiple counts of destruction of property and trespassing for attempting to remove the black tarps from the once-shrouded General Robert E. Lee and Thomas "Stonewall" Jackson statues in their respective parks. Photo by Eze Amos

Confederates convicted: Statue unshrouders say they’ll appeal

Immediately following a March 26 trial in which Charlottesville’s Brian Lambert was found guilty of multiple charges of trespassing in Emancipation and Justice parks and attempting to remove the tarps from the shrouded statues, Lambert could be seen applying a trail of Confederate flag stickers on surfaces in the direction of the General Robert E. […]

After his perjury charge was dismissed, Jason Kessler accused Commonwealth’s Attorney Robert Tracci of trying to do a “political hit job.”
Eze Amos

‘Unfortunate outcome:’ Kessler perjury charge tossed

  Jason Kessler didn’t waste any time addressing the media outside the courthouse March 20 when a judge abruptly dismissed a perjury charge against him during the trial. “[Robert] Tracci is trying to do a political hit job,” he said to the cameras and microphones, adding that he and other attendees of August 12 rally […]

Dozens of community activists showed up in support for DeAndre Harris outside Charlottesville General District Court on March 15, the day before his trial, in which he was found not guilty of assaulting a white supremacist with a Maglite on August 12. Photo by Eze Amos

Not guilty: DeAndre Harris acquitted of August 12 assault

As DeAndre Harris’ attorney played video footage of a group of white supremacists beating him to the ground in the Market Street Parking Garage on August 12, Harris sank back in his chair and closed his eyes. Today, he was on trial in Charlottesville General District Court for an encounter that happened just moments before […]