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And now, a classic Internet tendency

As I was looking back and reminiscing on the websites I\’ve pushed on people in the year since I began professionally pushing websites, I was shocked and appalled to realize that while I\’ve waxed poetic about some of the most random websites that the wacky World Wide Web has to offer, I\’ve neglected to praise some of the most obvious.

Spare some change?

Spare some change?

There’s a classic New Yorker cartoon that depicts a group of explorers—backpacks and machetes in hand—coming across a small spring in the middle of nowhere. It’s flowing with money, a geyser of bills spouting up from the center. “By God, gentlemen,” says the lead explorer to his hapless followers, “I believe we’ve found it-he Fountain of Funding!”

Pizza: the pie

To hear Fabio Esposito tell it, the pizza business just won’t leave him alone. When he opens Fabio’s N.Y. Pizza in the former High Street Pizza Hut building next month, Esposito will draw on seven years of experience running the original Fabio’s N.Y. Pizza in Gordonsville. “‘Your kitchen is our second kitchen,'” he recalls his Gordonsville customers telling him, before he and his wife Elena sold the place two years ago.

Vote for Norris and Taliaferro on May 2

How do you see Charlottesville im-proving as a city in the next four years? Is it something that you think much about? I think about it all the time. That’s my job. Charlottesville has a lot going for it, but there are many things that we can improve. One thing that would really help is if everybody would go out and vote for Dave Norris and Julian Taliaferro on May 2.

Other News We Heard Last Week 4/11 – 4/17

Other News We Heard Last Week 4/11 – 4/17

Tuesday, April 11Allen announces re-election bid, blames myopia on dadVirginia’s junior U.S. Senator, George Allen, officially kicked off his re-election bid in Prince William County today, the first stop of 11 on a three-day tour. Though speculation is rampant that Allen wants to succeed Dubya as the next Republican President, Allen would not address the […]

15-year-old sentenced to juvenile prison

The 15-year-old Albemarle High School student convicted of plotting, with three other teens, to blow up two Albemarle high schools, was sentenced to juvenile detention March 5. The case has been closed to the public and little specific information has been released about the prosecution’s case against the teens. At the 15-year-old’s sentencing hearing, however, some of the evidence finally came to light.

Short film reviews

American Dreamz (PG-13, 107 minutes) Paul Weitz (American Pie, About a Boy, In Good Company) delivers this ripe parody of American politics and pop culture. Seems that an unpopular American President (Dennis Quaid) wants a bit of publicity, so he signs on to appear as guest judge for a mega-popular, “American Idol”-style singing contest. Little does he know that Muslim terrorists have seeded the show with a singing suicide bomber. The humor is broad and cartoonish, but Hugh Grant does strike a chord as the show’s mean-spirited host. (Devin O’Leary) Coming Friday; check local listings

get listed

get listed

In 2006 alone, local goth/punk heroes Bella Morte have toured with MSI and KMFDM, played the Warped Tour, headlined DragonCon, the Drop Dead 3 Festival, The Black Sun Festival and Gothstock. What’s next? Well, they’re stealing in (under cover of night, we presume) to grace the Satellite Ballroom with their otherworldly presence on Saturday, April 22. Come out and give Andy, Gopal, Tony, Micah and Jordan the old slam-dance welcome back. $8, 9pm. 1427 University Ave. 977-3697.

Who is the real Jeremy Harvey?

Like so many eager lovebirds before them, a blushing bride walked down the softly lit aisle of the Las Vegas Bellagio Hotel’s wedding chapel on February 16 to meet her dashing groom and exchange vows. The elements of the ordinary were all there: bouquets, champagne, rings and vows, but otherwise this union was hardly run […]

Fowl Play

’Tis the season to eat turkey. In honor of the holiday, and in deference to giving turkeys everywhere a voice of their own, C-VILLE’s resident turkey interpreter Nell Boeschenstein sat down with Tom “the Angry” Turkey for some heavy-hitting reporting, and to pluck Tom’s birdbrain for some sweet morsels of tender turkey wisdom. Needless to […]

Disorder in the court

The Albemarle County Circuit Court is open for business, but save for the eight people present (all but one being part of the proceedings) the place is empty the 12 rows of wooden gallery benches being merely ornamental. Behind the bench, beneath a gold-framed picture of Thomas Jefferson, Judge Paul Peatross sits front and center, […]

The play’s the thing

As a great man once said, “School’s out for summer.” Aside from the pool, the obvious place to take kids during the dog days of summer is to the park. Make that, to the playground, where the kids can entertain themselves on swings, slides, or by just looking up at the sky, as their caretakers […]

Untrained Melody

 Perched on a wooden stool by the front door and holding a microphone with one hand, Conley Jones belts out “Better Man” to a tinny, digitized arrangement with angst enough to make Eddie Vedder proud. With his free hand, he casually checks IDs as those in search of Baja Bean’s Tuesday night special—$3 margaritas and […]