Nell Boeschenstein

Built to last

It’s not that I don’t enjoy my current full-time job at a hoity-toity glossy, but occasionally, I feel like I’m not making good on that promise I made to myself—and all those with high hopes for me—to make the world a better place. I know I’m getting all Miss Rumphius (“go to faraway places, live […]

Just farking around

I know I’m not the only person who runs errands on Saturday mornings. I know I’m also not the only person who, while running said errands, enjoys a spirited contest against, well, myself and the various contestants of “Wait, Wait…Don’t Tell Me…”. I’m a competitive person: HATE TO LOSE or be less than I can […]

Reel time

In the interest of stating something not-so-interesting, I love the movies. In a little-girl-all-I-want-to-do-is-eat-popcorn-and-stare-at-that-magic-screen-for-hours kind of way. It’s basically my favorite activity. Besides eating of course. Which means that one of the most wonderful days of my year is fast approaching. That’s right, folks, Oscar night is on the way! Like Santa Claus…only it’s not […]

Say awwwwwwww!

I’m an animal person. Well, except for spiders and snakes and sharks and eels and bugs of all kinds and other terrifying animals. Allow me to rephrase: I am a furry animal person who also has a soft spot for turtles, dolphins, manatees, seals, and other fat, but not really hairy, animals. Give me some […]

Shopper’s world

Truth be told, there’s pretty much nothing better (in my small world) than sitting at my office desk, looking like I’m a very busy professional, when I’m actually typing things like “Discounted Marc Jacobs bags” into Google. Online shopping. I whisper the words to myself in a kind of awe. But really, have you ever […]

Talking in tongues

At my mother’s insistence, I took French in high school. I think she thought that all proper young ladies spoke French, despite the fact that all the cool kids took Spanish. I regularly took comfort in the fact that at least I wasn’t one of those dorks stuck learning Latin. Fifteen years after the fact, […]

Women can get some satisfaction

Women can get some satisfaction

Anita Clayton may not be the lost member of Salt-N-Pepa, but she sure likes to talk about sex. Clayton, a professor of psychiatry and obstetrics and gynecology at UVA, has a new book out that explores the crossroads of her three areas of expertise. In Satisfaction: Women, Sex, and the Quest for Intimacy,

Dead on arrival

There’s no doubt that unless you’ve been eating Rice Krispies in a hole for the past year, you know a thing or two about the social networking site, My Space. In many ways, My Space is the sign of a pulse—a collective pulse—amongst the Me Generation. It’s ground zero for “LOL” and “WTF” and other […]

See and be seen

If you are a faithful reader of this column then you know at least two important things about yours truly: I love gossip and I love celebrities. Logic follows then that I love celebrity gossip. In the past I have devoted this meager space to some of the biggest bangs of the celebrity gossip cyberworld, […]

A whale of a time

New Year’s means two things for the average person: anticlimactic parties and resolutions. Since I’m not partial to parties, it means only resolutions to me and, oh, there are so many, many resolutions to make and break this New Year’s: stop calling people I think are stupid “retarded,” stop spending all my extra cash on […]

They’re watching you

TMZ isn’t a classy site; in fact, TMZ isn’t even a klassy site. But it really is the perfect site for your inner idiot—meaning the part of you that lives for a little schadenfreude at the expense of celebrities. Looking for the Lindsay Lohan’s Red Bull and Vodka-crazed insane Black-berry message? Check TMZ: Chances are […]

I swear to God…

As time would have it, Chrismahanukwanzaa has rolled around again and God—in all shapes and sizes—is on everybody’s mind. Well, that is, when everyone isn’t thinking about all the loot they’re gonna get. Now, not to be a buzz kill or anything, but I thought I would take this opportunity to send a shout out […]

Time to get busy

It’s that time of year when family time seems to take precedence over every other kind of time (work, play, TV, personal, drinking, etc.). If you’re the type who looks forward to such condensed family time with stars in your eyes (e.g., “I just love sitting down with my mother, father and five siblings to […]


No one likes to spend all day at the office working…or, let’s face it, reading random websites. Sometimes we need a little interactivity. Some true bonding with the old compooter. Some hand-eye coordination to keep us limber in the cubicle. In other words, some classic, lame-graphic computer games. So if you’re looking for a good […]


So it’s the week after Thanksgiving. Everyone knows what that means, right? ’Tis the season to blow that bank account centless! Yeeha! While it may be painful once you take stock of the damage post-New Year’s, the rush of giving and getting that rules December can result in a pretty potent high. I, personally, tend […]

One man’s trash…

Along with pretty much everyone else of my generation, I often wonder what life was like before Google—that innocent time when there was no way to find out random facts about everyone from a blind date prospect to your best friend to a co-worker. The same could be said about Wikipedia, the free online encyclopedia. […]

The state of the liberal nation

Well, America, there is a god. Not that I’m partisan or anything, but those midterm elections sure felt good, eh? Three words: Sayonara Senator Macacawitz. Holla. But let’s not just gloat. We should also learn a little about how this blessed event came to pass, methinks. For the unabashedly liberal like myself (“bleed-ing heart” has […]

The cream of the crop?

The. Ivy. League. Don’t the mere words just conjure images of well-worn leather-bound volumes, decorous discourses on the finer points of Hume, and impeccably mannered, tweed-wearing WASPs? Well, it may have been like that in the days of F. Scott Fitzgerald, but no more. Just like the real world, the greens on which Ivy Leaguers […]

Doggy dog world

Does anyone else love that Animal Planet show “Animal Precinct”? It’s the one in which pets are rescued from a myriad of abusive homes and taken to the local Humane Society to recover, and then find a “forever home.” During the course of an hour, each animal’s horror story—along with his helplessness and winning personality—is […]

The most wonderful time of the year

Everyone’s got their favorite time of year. In fact, I’d go so far as to say that one’s favorite season is as defining a characteristic as, say, one’s astrological sign, favorite color, or whether one prefers dogs or cats. Me, I live for fall: the crisp air, the colorful leaves, Thanksgiving, and, sartorially speaking, getting […]

A few of my favorite things

Every now and then I like to take a step back from the HTS syllabus and make sure that my readers have a good background in the classics. I’m constantly depressed about the fact that I went all the way through high school and college—majoring in English, no less—without ever cracking open Moby Dick. Thus, […]

Living in a material world

There is a spot in New York City, on Greene Street, in the heart of Soho, where a special light shines down from heaven and into a certain store. The light is simple, golden, minimal and, like the Wise Men did that holy Star, design geeks from around the world drag their tired feet toward […]

The music man

For those of you who don’t obsessively read media gossip (and really, who would—because really, who cares?), like I’ll admit to doing, allow me to reduce one of the big stories of the past year to 28 words: Lately, The Village Voice has sucked. No surprise, then, that the legendary rag has, for the past […]

Travel Plans

I’m not much of a planner. And these days, without parents around to plan for me, nor the endless vacations of the academic life that make planning less imperative, I lose out. Every year, those precious two weeks of freedom inevitably arrive with not so much as a sojourn on Virginia Beach planned. Thus, I […]

“Hike” Heiskell won’t roll over for Ford Motor Company

The second-floor office is no bigger than 15′ x 20′, but it opens onto the world through a floor-to-ceiling window overlooking Court Square. A bookcase laden with few books, but with 30 3"-thick binders labeled “Ford Motor Co.,” “Bronco II,” “Exhibits,” “Cases,” “Decisions” and the like, serves as a backdrop to a large, wooden lawyer’s […]

The green machine

The green machine

In 1999, talking about the headquarters he designed for Gap, Inc., in San, Bruno, California—which, among other innovative touches, featured huge atriums that brought natural light deep into the building—Bill McDonough asked this question: “When it’s a nice day, why feel as if you’ve missed it?”