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A Blue Ridge Mountain holiday story unfolds in Four County Players’ The Homecoming.  Image: J. Stoll

ARTS Pick: The Homecoming

The Homecoming, a play by Christopher Sergel based on the book by Earl Hamner (creator of T.V.’s “The Waltons”), takes place in a familiar location—a Virginia town lodged in the Blue Ridge Mountains.

Pop stars on the ascent, Parachute treats fans to two nights of VIP options and new tunes. Publicity Photo

ARTS Pick: Parachute

Double bubble Crush-pop Charlottesville natives Parachute received national attention through two major label albums, and non-stop touring that includes stage-sharing with the likes of Kelly Clarkson and megastar Taylor Swift. The group of five best friends has had anything but the slow descent implied by its name—it’s been a crash-landing into musical success. For its annual homecoming […]

ARTS Pick: Chance

ARTS Pick: Chance

Mistaken identity, misplaced romance, and missing laundry—these three commonplace topics typify the daily existence of the college student. UVA graduate Jason Averett’s new comedy, Chance, aims to harness the overlooked drama of an ordinary student’s day and depict it on stage, with all its relatable humor intact.

The sonically spellbinding Angel Olsen performs at the Twisted Branch Tea Bazaar. (Publicity photo)

ARTS Pick: Angel Olsen

Music critics have deemed Angel Olsen’s voice “blood-curdling” for a reason. Sliding from nearly spoken word to the theatricality of cabaret in an instant, her range makes a chilling impact on each song she records.

Lyle Lovett brings charm, showmanship and his acoustic band to the Paramount stage. (Publicity photo)

ARTS Pick: Lyle Lovett

One of the most consistent names in the Americana genre, Lyle Lovett hasn’t slowed down since his 1986 country debut. With 13 albums and an impressive filmography under his belt, he’s never allowed his style to grow stale.

Maryann Lincoln at C'Ville Arts Cooperative

First Friday ARTS Pick: Maryann Lincoln

Colors and patterns have adorned the path Maryann Lincoln follows to inspiration since the start of her creative journey. Carefully choosing her fabrics, the fiber artist blends materials to compose pieces ranging in tone from peaceful and wave-like to sparklingly bright. Whether stitching together a city scene or a natural landscape, she reaches artistic harmony […]

Waynesboro Symphony Orchestra pays tribute to American heroes at The Parmount Theater.

ARTS Pick: Waynesboro Symphony Orchestra

The Waynesboro Symphony Orchestra has more than doubled its original 23-member size since its debut performance in 1996.  This increase in membership has brought with it nothing less than musical growth and a series of memorable performances. Led by Music Director Dr. Peter Wilson, former conductor of the National Symphony Orchestra, the group celebrates the […]