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Catherine Keener plays Susette Kelo in Little Pink House, which depicts a real-life eminent domain case and has a screening June 28 in Charlottesville. Tickets are on sale at Brightlight Pictures

Pipeline parallels? Eminent domain: the movie

One of the least popular Supreme Court decisions this century would have to be Kelo v. New London, a case that resulted in 45 states, including Virginia, passing laws or, in the Old Dominion’s case, constitutional amendments to prevent the seizing of private property to benefit other private owners under the guise of economic development. […]

Todd Divers’ job is to find taxable property for the city. File photo

The taxman cometh—and wants list of stored vehicles

Personal property taxes are due June 5, and the city has stepped up its efforts to locate vehicles that reside in Charlottesville, even if their owners don’t. Woolen Mills Storage received a request from Commissioner of the Revenue Todd Divers to provide a list of vehicles stored there. “If a vehicle is parked here on […]

Historic researcher Jane Smith believes the 1898 lynching of John Henry James, which took place at a place identified as Wood's Crossing, is located on a strip of land currently owned by Farmington Country Club. A 1919 plat shows the blacksmith shop near where the hanging-by-mob  took place. Information courtesy Jane Smith/Google maps

Confronting a shameful past: Search for 1898 lynching site narrows

As big a role as history plays in Charlottesville’s identity, some events, like an 1898 lynching, were pretty much buried or forgotten until Jane Smith was doing historical research and going through old issues of the Daily Progress in 2013. She happened upon this July 12, 1898, headline: “He paid the awful penalty: John Henry […]

RaShall Brackney, center, with Mayor Nikuyah Walker and City Manager Maurice Jones, will be the first woman to lead the Charlottesville Police Department.
Staff photo

Top choice: Charlottesville hires first female police chief

Two years ago, City Manager Maurice Jones announced the hiring of Al Thomas, Charlottesville’s first African-American police chief, who abruptly resigned 20 months later on December 18 following a scathing independent review of the handling of the violent events of August 11-12. Today, Jones introduced his latest police chief pick: former George Washington University chief […]

It’s been a bad year for intoxicated cedar waxwings crashing into CHS windows.

Photo Walker Catlett

Bird watch: Intoxicated cedar waxwings slam into CHS

You can tell it’s spring when the birds return—and start crashing into the windows at Charlottesville High while drunk on Japanese pagoda tree berries. Avid birder Walker Catlett, 17, a junior at CHS, saw cedar waxwings flying into windows, and so far has documented at least eight dead and others stunned from soaring into the […]

Richard Preston will be back in court August 21 for sentencing for firing a gun August 12.
Staff photo

Preston’s plea: Imperial wizard says no contest to firing gun

Baltimore’s imperial wizard of the Confederate White Knights of the KKK did not appear in court wearing his shiny Klan robes. He didn’t wear the prison stripes from previous appearances, nor did he wear the bandana and tactical vest he sported August 12 when he was videoed firing a Ruger SR9 toward flamethrower-brandishing Corey Long. […]

Fire station tradition is to push in a vehicle into the new station, in this case, an ambulance.
Staff photo

Pantops gets new rescue station—finally

Growth area Pantops, with its increased density and worsening traffic, has long needed a fire and rescue station, and one has been on the books maybe dating back to Thomas Jefferson, joked Albemarle Fire Rescue Chief Dan Eggleston at the official opening May 7 of Pantops Public Safety Station No. 16. Certainly the station has […]

Alex Michael Ramos, with arm raised, was convicted of the malicious wounding of DeAndre Harris.

Guilty again: Ramos second person convicted in garage assault

    In the second trial of the week for the brutal August 12 attack on DeAndre Harris, a jury deliberated 35 minutes before entering a second guilty verdict May 3 for an out-of-towner here for the Unite the Right rally. Georgia resident Alex Michael Ramos, 34, sat expressionless through most of the two-day trial […]

Leslie Cockburn will be nominated the Democratic challenger to Congressman Tom Garrett in Farmville May 5. Photo by Natalie Jacobsen

Can Leslie Cockburn beat Tom Garrett in the red 5th District?

She frequently wears a green quilted vest—and her campaign has high production values, perhaps fitting for a former “60 Minutes” producer. Two weeks before the 5th District Democratic convention May 5 in Farmville, and after 23 caucuses, Leslie Cockburn amassed the most delegates in a field of four candidates to be the presumptive nominee. The […]

Rob Jiranek out as Daily Progress publisher

Rob Jiranek out as Daily Progress publisher

A little more than two years ago, former C-VILLE Weekly co-owner Rob Jiranek was named publisher of the Daily Progress. Today, the announcement of a new publisher and Jiranek’s abrupt departure “to pursue other opportunities” caught many at the Progress by surprise. “I don’t have any comment,” says BH Media Regional Vice President Terry Jamerson […]

Life after Monty Python finds John Cleese performing a solo show at the Tom Tom Founders Festival to raise money for UVA’s Division of Perceptual Studies, as well as moderating a panel with the paranormal researchers.
Tom Daly

Paranormal studies: John Cleese moderates UVA panel

For years, what’s now known as the Division of Perceptual Studies at UVA kept a pretty low profile under its reincarnation researcher and founder Ian Stevenson, who was notoriously publicity shy. That seems to have changed in the department’s current incarnation, which sponsored the appearance of Monty Pythoner John Cleese at last week’s Tom Tom […]

Tyler Watkins Davis, the man known as "Boonie Hat," goes to the grand jury for malicious wounding in the beatdown of DeAndre Harris August 12.
Charlottesville police

Malicious wounding charge against ‘Boonie Hat’ goes to grand jury

A Florida man charged with malicious wounding in the August 12 Market Street Parking Garage attack on DeAndre Harris can thank the attorney of another man for his arrest—and for dubbing him “Boonie Hat.” Tyler Watkins Davis, 50, of Middleburg, Florida, was in Charlottesville General District Court April 12 for a preliminary hearing, and his […]

Statue plaintiff Buddy Weber says city councilors have a duty to know what the law is.
Staff photo

Statue hearing: Councilors immunity still being argued

  So far, Judge Rick Moore has accumulated six files pertaining to the lawsuit filed a year ago against Charlottesville and its city councilors for voting to remove the statue of General Robert E. Lee—and that doesn’t include the transcripts, he told lawyers in Charlottesville Circuit Court April 11. At the latest hearing, the city […]

George Michie has been picking up trash for nearly 20 years on Miller School Road, and here, on U.S. 250 west.
Photo: Jeffrey Gleason

Trash talk: Highway adopters say littering worse than ever

There’s a famous scene from “Mad Men” in which the Draper family goes on a picnic. Afterward, Don tosses his beer can on the ground and Betty shakes the tablecloth out and leaves the trash from their outing, a not uncommon occurrence in that era before Lady Bird Johnson joined the Keep America Beautiful campaign […]

When Katie Couric came to town to talk to Zyahna Bryant, the CHS student who started
a petition to remove Confederate statues, she didn’t realize the August 12 events would end in death.
Photo: National Geographic/Tom Daly

Re-righting history: Katie Couric documents what divides us

During her 15-year tenure as NBC “Today Show” co-anchor, UVA alum and journalist Katie Couric was known as America’s Sweetheart. These days, she’s way past that chipper morning news persona, and having finished a six-part series delving into the most contentious issues facing the country today, she says she’s exhausted. Couric was in Charlottesville April […]

After his perjury charge was dismissed, Jason Kessler accused Commonwealth’s Attorney Robert Tracci of trying to do a “political hit job.”
Eze Amos

Tracci’s motion: Asks judge to vacate Kessler dismissal

Two weeks ago a judge dismissed a perjury charge against whites-righter Jason Kessler because the prosecution didn’t establish that the alleged crime took place in Albemarle. Legal pundits decried the misstep as a rookie move. Commonwealth’s Attorney Robert Tracci filed a motion to vacate that decision April 3, claiming that Judge Cheryl Higgins erred twice […]

The reconfigured West2nd has 97 luxury condos ranging from $359,000 to $1.4 million on Zillow, wider City Market stalls and aisles and 102 public parking spaces.
Rendering Keith Woodard

City Council approves bigger West2nd

During yet another out-of-control City Council meeting on April 2, Mayor Nikuyah Walker cleared the chamber and councilors reconvened after a closed session to seek legal advice on how to maintain order. Nearly two hours into the meeting, councilors began to address the city’s business, and by 10pm approved by a 4-1 vote a special […]

Kessler subpoenaed C-VILLE reporter

Kessler subpoenaed C-VILLE reporter

Two business days before Unite the Right organizer Jason Kessler was scheduled to stand trial on a felony perjury charge March 20 in Albemarle Circuit Court, C-VILLE Weekly reporter Samantha Baars was in Charlottesville General District Court, where a deputy handed her a subpoena to appear as a witness for Kessler. Aside from First Amendment […]

Incoming UVA President Jim Ryan’s second book, Wait, What?, was based on his 2015 Harvard commencement address that went viral.

Courtesy UVA

Hitting the books with incoming UVA President Jim Ryan

You can tell a lot about a man from the books he reads. C-VILLE checked in with UVA’s President-elect Jim Ryan to get a peek at his bookshelf ahead of his sold-out Virginia Festival of the Book talk on Saturday, “Life’s Essential Questions: A Conversation with Jim Ryan.” Let’s just say that Thomas Jefferson figured […]

Khizr Khan will be speaking at a multi-school assembly on Wednesday, March 21, and will be featured in “Hope & Sacrifice: A Conversation with  Khizr Khan” on Thursday, March 22, as part of the Virginia Festival of the Book.

Eze Amos

Mission-driven: Khizr Khan sticks to his principles

It was love at first sight. Khizr Khan remembers the moment he discovered America’s founding documents as a 22-year-old law student in Pakistan. A shaft of sunlight flooded his room as he read the Declaration of Independence in its entirety, not even bothering to sit down. Little did the law student in Lahore dream he […]