Laura Ingles

Laura Ingles
Laura Ingles grew up in Charlotte, North Carolina, but came to Virginia at age 18 and never left. After graduating from Virginia Tech she dedicated a year and most of her sanity to a private wilderness boarding school for at-risk teenage girls, and Charlottesville became home in January 2012. Laura spent two years reporting the news for C-VILLE Weekly before taking on the role of Living Section Editor.

Soundboard. Image by WTJU.

Soundboard 9/14: This week’s top news in a live radio format

Each week, the C-VILLE news team joins reporters from Charlottesville Tomorrow at WTJU 91.1 FM’s on-Grounds radio station for Soundboard, an hour-long, straight-from-the-source news show that touches on the big stories of the week. This week’s show looks at the fate of music at the Black Market Moto Saloon, DREAM-er workshops in the immigrant community, […]

Cville Pride President Amy Sarah Marshall is helping organize the city’s first ever Pride Festival, which she hopes will raise awareness and support for the LGBTQ community. Photo: John Robinson

Planning Charlottesville’s first Pride Festival

Conservatives across the nation ate mountains of waffle fries in support of “traditional marriage” on August 1, hooplah associated with a politicized discussion over one CEO’s opposition to gay marriage. And while local gay rights activist Amy Sarah Marshall said she was appalled by the local turnout for “Chick-fil-A Appreciation Day” here in Charlottesville, she […]

City Council approves Downtown Ambassadors program to improve Mall safety

City Council approves Downtown Ambassadors program to improve Mall safety

Two months after removing fountain-side benches in an effort to curb panhandling and alleged inappropriate behavior on the Downtown Mall, city officials say they are taking another step toward making Charlottesville a safe, welcoming place. City Councilors recently voted to adopt a Downtown Ambassadors pilot program, which is intended to address problematic areas on the […]

A detail from a McIntire Park East planning diagram circulated earlier this year. Photo: City of Charlottesville

City approves master plan for east side of McIntire Park

It’s been over a year in the making, and City Council finally voted on it: the master plan for the eastern side of McIntire Park. Citizens have shown up for meeting after meeting to express concerns about golf, gardens, soccer fields, and skate parks, and after several presentations and revisions, Tuesday night Council adopted a […]

PEC works to turn backyards into native wildlife habitats

PEC works to turn backyards into native wildlife habitats

Who doesn’t love looking out the kitchen window at all the feathered friends Central Virginia’s backyards have to offer? Unfortunately, due to declining grassland and shrubland areas in the region, a number of native Virginia bird species, like the bobolink and bobwhite quail, are in danger of becoming extinct. The Piedmont Environmental Council’s James Barnes, […]

Buckingham County voted to close four rural schools and construct a new state-of-the-art combined primary and elementary school, pictured here during the final phase of construction this summer.

Neighboring counties differ on approaches to school consolidation

Ongoing discussions about rural county schools have raised one question over and over: Are small schools worth preserving for the sake of community, even if it means spending more money? This summer the Albemarle County School Board voted in favor of funding renovations to keep three small elementary schools open, a decision widely supported by […]

Convicted murderer George Huguely is escorted into the Charlottesville Circuit Court to receive his final sentence. Photo: John Robinson

George Huguely faces 23 years in prison

After hearing three hours’ worth of testimony from family, friends, teammates, even a Catholic priest, Judge Edward L. Hogshire made his final decision and sentenced convicted murderer George Huguely to 23 years in prison, reduced from the jury recommended sentence of 25 years for second degree murder and one year for grand larceny. Several of […]

President Barack Obama during his remarks onstage at the nTelos Wireless Pavilion in Downtown Charlottesville, Wednesday, August 29. Photo: Sarah Cramer.

Obama’s optimism resonates with supporters

From UVA students to senior citizens, from volunteers to the guys selling Obama rocks—local stones with “Obama rocks” etched into them—nobody seemed to mind waiting around for the President yesterday. President Barack Obama made a stop in Charlottesville, and supporters from all over the region began lining up on the Downtown Mall hours before the […]

A huge crowd jockeyed for position in the tent at the nTelos Wireless Pavilion to wait for the arrival of President Barack Obama, Wednesday, August 29. Photo: Sarah Cramer Shields

LIVE BLOG: Obama stops in Charlottesville; message targets students

The line to enter the pavilion for President Obama’s rally, which formed hours before the gates opened today at 1pm, stretched as far as Christian’s Pizza on the Downtown Mall. The President has traveled to Virginia 12 times since January, and today marks his 40th visit to the Commonwealth since the beginning of his presidency. […]

Shelton Sprouse has been a stonemason for over 30 years, and couldn’t be happier to spend this summer renovating the wall surrounding Thomas Jefferson’s historic Monticello garden. Photo: John Robinson

Local stonemason continues maintenance of historic Monticello wall

Shelton Sprouse has never worked a day in his life. That’s how he feels, anyway, because the Monticello stonemason loves his job. Sprouse’s work has revolved around all things Thomas Jefferson since the 1980s, when he built the stone wall that surrounds and retains the 1,000′ garden Jefferson cut out of the east side of […]

Provost John Simon addresses the UVA Faculty Senate in June. Photo: Graelyn Brashear

Sullivan will field questions at UVA faculty senate meeting

University of Virginia President Teresa Sullivan will address the Faculty Senate for the first time since she resigned and was reinstated this summer. The Faculty Senate will hold its meeting in the Abbot Center Auditorium—the same location as the meeting in June, which overflowed into surrounding rooms—Tuesday, August 28, at 5:30pm. The meeting will be […]

Illustration: Thomas James

We love this town: Feels like home to me

Prior to graduating from college, my assumption was that entering adulthood meant settling down with a full-time job and a husband, maybe some kids. Turns out, transitioning into a full-fledged adult takes time. My college years were blessed with wonderful roommates. With the exception of the fluke semester I spent in a dorm with a […]

Convicted murderer George Huguely was present at Wednesday's trial, where his attorneys unsuccessfully argued for a retrial.

No retrial for George Huguely

Convicted murderer George Huguely sat in Charlottesville Circuit court once again Wednesday while his attorneys argued the need for a retrial, presenting a number of motions to Judge Edward Hogshire. During the three-hour trial on Wednesday, Hogshire heard multiple arguments from the defense, but denied each request and said “I think there was overwhelming evidence […]

UVA graduate Anna Greenlee wears a rubber glove when handling her rough-skinned newts, each of which contains enough toxin in its skin to kill 12 grown men. Photo by Laura Ingles.

Young UVA researchers share their labs’ hidden treasures

Tucked away in a chilly corner room in Gilmer Hall are rows of plastic aquariums, each home to a rough-skinned newt with enough toxin in its skin to kill up to 12 grown men. The poisonous amphibians are just one example of research quietly moving forward on Grounds thanks to the work of young, passionate […]

Boundary-pushing pop star Lady Gaga was the central theme for a UVA class that Rector Helen Dragas found troubling. Stock photo.

Dragas criticized course on Gaga

During the weeks of turmoil following UVA President Teresa Sullivan’s ouster, Rector Helen Dragas promised the University of Virginia community that the Board of Visitors had not, and would not, play a role in directing academic courses to be eliminated or reduced. “These matters belong to the faculty,” she said. But e-mails released under the […]

Mark Brown, the owner of Main Street Arena, recently bought Yellow Cab, but said he plans to keep the unusual sayings on the taxis’ trunks, like “Dogwood—all bark no bite.” Photo by John Robinson.

Mark Brown plans to roll out new Charlottesville cabs

A local investor is shaking things up on the streets of Charlottesville. Main Street Arena owner Mark Brown recently purchased the city’s Yellow Cab company, and he has big plans to change the industry’s local model. “The company as is doesn’t really interest me,” Brown said. “But bringing in all the new stuff is much more […]

File photo.

UVA: Room for improvement despite high rankings

The University of Virginia has received high marks from Forbes Magazine and U.S. News & World Report on both magazines’ annual list of top U.S. colleges. Despite differing methodologies, the two publications ranked UVA similarly: The University came in at 36 on Forbes’ top 100 and 25 on U.S. News’. While they acknowledge that the […]

Parents in Albemarle County are concerned the County School Board may be considering closing small rural schools, including Yancey Elementary. (Photo by John Robinson)

Albemarle residents fight against rural school closures

A recent cost study by a county schools committee has reignited an argument over the value of keeping small rural schools open, and parents are outraged that the Albemarle County School Board might consider closing Yancey and Red Hill elementary schools, forcing kids to commute to Scottsville. At the July 12 Albemarle County School Board meeting, […]

Black Market Moto Saloon owner Matteus Frankovich said he just wants to provide a neighborhood gathering place for Woolen Mills, and plans to apply for a $1,500 special use permit so the restaurant can continue hosting live music. Photo by John Robinson.

Officials pull the plug on live music in Woolen Mills

Editor’s note: We used comments in this story that we later realized were shared privately via Facebook—which means we shouldn’t have run them. We talked with the person affected and apologized, and this post came out of that conversation. Please give it a read. City officials have put an end to live music at the […]

Police officer Cory Culbreath and his family recently moved into their own home thanks to help from the Charlottesville Police Foundation. Photo by John Robinson.

Non-profit awards housing grants to police officers

If it weren’t for the Charlottesville Police Foundation, Charlottesville police officers Cory Culbreath and Robbie Oberholzer wouldn’t be living in the city they serve. Relatively low salaries and today’s harsh lending environment are making home ownership increasingly difficult for police officers and other public servants, forcing many to live in surrounding, less expensive counties. But […]

Albemarle County’s Outdoor Recreation Supervisor and Virginia native Dan Mahon oversaw construction of the new bridge in the Woolen Mills area of the Rivanna Greenway, and is working tirelessly to build and preserve the county’s trail system.  Photo by John Robinson.

Albemarle upgrades county trails and recreation space

Dan Mahon has one of the coolest jobs in Virginia. While other Albemarle County staff are stuck behind desks, this ponytailed child at heart spends most of his days running around Albemarle’s parks and trails, which serve as both his office and his backyard. As Albemarle’s Outdoor Recreation Supervisor, Mahon’s duty is to develop and […]

Public housing resident Sabrina Allen was recently nominated and elected onto the City of Promise steering committee, and is excited to see a house constructed for the program’s use. Photo by John Robinson.

City of Promise settles in

The next round of federal funding for City of Promise is up in the air, but it looks like the cradle-to-college outreach program that came to Charlottesville’s low-income neighborhoods a few months ago is here to stay. Director Sarad Davenport’s team of staff and community members is growing, and last Monday, City Council passed a […]

Last week, city officials removed the benches that used to surround the fountain at Central Place on the Downtown Mall in an effort to discourage loitering outside businesses, but it remains to be seen how effective the measure was in curbing reported inappropriate behavior. Photo by John Robinson.

City pulls benches in effort to stop Mall loitering

As the weather heats up, so does a contentious Charlottesville issue—the presence of panhandlers and loiterers on the Downtown Mall. In response to complaints from business owners, the City of Charlottesville made an effort to break up a regular crowd that frequently occupies Central Place near Second Street by quietly taking away several fountain-side benches. […]

Faculty Senate Chairman George Cohen (on lower step) stands with colleagues in front of the Rotunda during one of a number of protest gatherings following Teresa Sullivan’s ouster. Photo by John Robinson.

Sullivan reinstated: a timeline of events

Over the course of 16 days, anger, confusion, and ultimately resolution washed over UVA’s Grounds in the turmoil following President Teresa Sullivan’s removal. Here’s the breakdown of the saga—one resignation and one reaction at a time at a time—from the moment the surprise announcement came to the day she was reinstated. The bomb drops Instead […]

Despite being on the receiving end of harsh criticism within the UVA community for her role in attempting to force out President Teresa Sullivan, Rector Helen Dragas was reappointed to her seat on the University's Board of Visitors last Friday. Photo by Cole Geddy/UVA Public Affairs.

McDonnell returns Dragas to expanded UVA Board

Two weeks after UVA students and faculty followed Rector Helen Dragas to her car after a marathon closed-door Board of Visitors meeting yelling “Resign!,” Governor Bob McDonnell announced that the much-criticized Board leader would keep her seat. And despite the anger directed at her for her role in orchestrating the ultimately unsuccessful ouster of President […]