Laura Ingles

Laura Ingles
Laura Ingles grew up in Charlotte, North Carolina, but came to Virginia at age 18 and never left. After graduating from Virginia Tech she dedicated a year and most of her sanity to a private wilderness boarding school for at-risk teenage girls, and Charlottesville became home in January 2012. Laura spent two years reporting the news for C-VILLE Weekly before taking on the role of Living Section Editor.

Local coffee spot Mudhouse and charcuterie JM Stock Provisions are Good Food Award winners. Photo: Elli Williams

Mudhouse and JM Stock Provisions both named Good Food Award winners and other local restaurant news

Mudhouse and JM Stock Provisions both named Good Food Award winners How do you define good food? According to the Good Food Awards, the qualifications are pretty simple: “tasty, authentic and responsibly produced.” Tastemakers across the country submit products that fall under 13 categories, including cider, beer, cheese, confections, pickles and preserves. This year, two […]

Kristin Watson says workouts at Purvelo, her new spinning studio in the Ix building, are “totally about you, and what you need out of the class.” Photo: Amanda Maglione

Spin city: Purvelo brings intense cycle workouts to Ix

“The red knob controls your destiny.” That’s what Kristin Watson reminds all her new clients as they nervously clip themselves into an exercise bike for the first time after watching the previous class leave, jelly-legged and drenched in sweat. And she’s not exaggerating. Those little red knobs, which sit below the handlebars and turn to […]

Both city and county schools have made pushes to incorporate healthier options at meals. Photo: Tom McGovern

Kid’s menu: Schools offer healthier options

It’s 3:30pm on a Tuesday at Jackson Via Elementary School, and students as young as 5 are biting into fresh Pink Lady apples twice the size of their hands, nodding to one another in approval. They enthusiastically drain small cups of locally pressed apple cider, and several kids raise their hands to ask for a […]

Night and day: A few bedtime tricks can make all the difference

Night and day: A few bedtime tricks can make all the difference

You’ve probably seen those articles—the ones that spell out exactly how many hours of sleep children should get at each developmental stage and thus terrify you into thinking you’re a terrible parent if your first-grader isn’t getting exactly 10 hours. Local neurologist and sleep medicine doctor Chris Winter advises parents to take those numbers with […]

After almost 15 years, the Blue Light Grill seafood restaurant will close. Image: Ron Rammelkamp

Lights out: Blue Light Grill to close permanently

You may remember an announcement we made about Blue Light Grill a few months ago. In April, the Downtown Mall favorite that had been serving up seafood and cocktails since Coran Capshaw opened it 14 years ago quietly switched hands. Trinity Irish Pub and Coupe’s owner Ryan Rooney took over, and we were told the […]

FlyDog Yoga’s Eliza Whiteman fills a niche in the local scene by providing aerial yoga and a wide-ranging schedule of exercise classes, plus childcare. Photo: Amy Jackson

You can fly: Yoga studio brings fitness to new heights

It’s a few minutes before noon on a Wednesday, and women are stationing themselves in front of bright orange hammocks hanging from the ceiling. Some of them pull themselves into relaxed, seated positions in the U-shaped fabric, while others tug at the drapings and skeptically eye their surroundings. FlyDog Yoga co-owner Eliza Whiteman takes her […]

Founders of Back Pocket Provisions, Jen Beckman and Will Gray, are raising the bar (glass) for brunch and local tomato growers with their curated Bloody Mary mixes. Photo: Amy Jackson

Back Pocket Provisions makes its debut with three takes on the classic brunch cocktail and more local restaurant news

Back Pocket Provisions makes its debut with three takes on the classic brunch cocktail If you’re still buying factory-made Bloody Mary mix at the grocery store you’re doing it wrong. Introducing Back Pocket Provisions, the local, fresh-pressed brainchild of brother-sister duo Will Gray and Jen Beckman. The Sunday brunch—or Saturday lunch, Tuesday dinner, whatever—mixer comes […]

Kardinal Hall takes the traditional German beer garden to its modern equivalent with almost 40 beers to choose from, a gourmet bar menu and bocce courts. Photo: Rammelkamp Foto

The Kardinal has landed: Beer Run team debuts new beer garden

Oktoberfest celebrations may be winding down soon, but at the new Kardinal Hall beer garden on Preston Avenue, the festivities have just begun. After months of construction and Facebook teasers, Beer Run owners Josh Hunt and John Woodriff finally opened the doors of their German-inspired restaurant and bar next to Timbercreek Market in the old […]