Kayla Eanes

Alakazam Toys and Gifts owner Cassandra Mathis calls her postal service “unpredictable,” leaving her unsure each day if a mail carrier will stop by her store. Staff photo

Express distress: Locals say post office is not performing to the letter

From the Downtown Mall and beyond, some Charlottesville businesses and residents are concerned with their mail delivery—explicitly the lack thereof. A few have not received their mail until well into the evening, while others have gone days without any kind of postal service. Verdigris owner Mazi Vogler says her postal service is irregular when it […]

Stonewall Jackson. Staff photo

Statue standoff: Group suggests park names

While a court injunction currently prevents the statue of Robert E. Lee from being moved, the city is moving full speed ahead in an effort to change the names of local parks named for Confederate heroes. After fielding suggestions from almost all committee members, the Charlottesville Historic Resources Committee decided on four names each for both […]