Erin O'Hare

Post Sixty Five plays lush, beautiful, guitar-driven rock at the Twisted Branch Tea Bazaar on June 17. Photo: Martyn Kyle

Post Sixty Five rides an undercurrent of emotional energy

Before a recent Post Sixty Five band practice, frontman Hicham Benhallam sat on a patch of grass outside the rehearsal space and stared into the trees nearby. The muggy June air blurred his vision, so he took off his dark-framed glasses and blinked a few times before acknowledging that there was no relief from the […]

Amateur and professional artists hone their drawing skills with the help of a live model at McGuffey Art Center. Photo: Ryan Jones

McGuffey’s life drawing sessions turn perspective on its head

On a recent Saturday morning, C arrived at McGuffey Art Center to pose for a life drawing session held in an artist’s basement studio. She knew to expect a challenge. Robert Bricker, the artist running the session, posed C (not her real name) and another model together in a box with uneven walls jutting out […]

Sly, modern pop duo Illiterate Light (Jeff Gorman and Jake Cochran) plays up life’s pros and cons at the Twisted Branch Tea Bazaar on April 22, Wild Wolf Brewery on April 23 and the Corner Indie Fest on May 3. Photo: Brandy Somers

Illiterate Light searches for moral middle ground

On a freezing-cold night in February, Harrisonburg band Illiterate Light played a set under a red light bulb in the kitchen of a house on First Street South, close to the graveyard. It was 1am and a dozen or so 20somethings leaned against walls and countertops, holding cans of Pabst Blue Ribbon and passing around […]

KNDRGRDN (L to R: Eric Nelson, Jonathan Teeter and Max Bollinger) plays Crozet Pizza at the Buddhist Biker Bar on April 20. Photo: Ariana Miklowitz

Jonathan Teeter takes us back to KNDRGRDN

During a recent KNDRGRDN gig at Twisted Branch Tea Bazaar, frontman Jonathan Teeter looked up from his guitar mid-song. Bodies were packed in tightly, close to the stage, and he could see people bobbing up and down and singing along to “Your Shadow.” “Your shadow is coming in / Coming into my room / Your […]

Guion Pratt formed his band, Nettles, in the pubs of the Irish countryside before returning to Charlottesville to add local talent to the lineup. Photo: Abby Farson Pratt

Songs without end: Nettles takes you on a poetic, musical journey

About seven years ago, Guion Pratt was living in County Meath, Ireland, working on a farm and writing poetry. He and a friend played songs —some of Pratt’s originals plus a few Bruce Springsteen tunes—as a guitar and saxophone duo in some area pubs. They called themselves Nettles, for the leafy, stinging plants they had […]

Warren Parker stands solo at the helm of independent record label WarHen, drawing its roster from Charlottesville and beyond. Image: John Robinson

What we want: WarHen Records keeps going for local music

Last October, Warren Parker sat at his dining room table with a set of alphabet rubber stamps, a blue ink pad and a few dozen 7″ vinyl records with blank white labels laid out edge to edge. Letter by letter, he stamped the labels: Beams, A, WarHen. Once the ink dried, he flipped the records […]

Devon Sproule is back with a new perspective, and keen insights, on a new record, The Gold String, to be released in early 2016. Photo: Anthony Gerace

Instead of different: Singer-songwriter Devon Sproule comes home

The last time C-VILLE Weekly talked with Devon Sproule, she was jetting off to Germany with her husband, Paul Curreri, to pursue a musical life abroad. The couple recently returned to Charlottesville, and Sproule is feeling more adventurous than ever. “Everything that led away from Virginia felt necessary, and so did the coming home,” she […]

The Anatomy of Frank’s new release, North America, is part of an ambitious project to record an album on every continent. “When we think of these places, the feelings we have about them are overwhelming,” says keyboardist Jimmy Bullis. Photo: Publicity photo

A time for place: The Anatomy of Frank makes discoveries on North America

Take a look at The Anatomy of Frank’s song catalog and one thing is immediately clear: These guys are really into geography. The group named its debut album Pangaea, after a supercontinent, and its forthcoming second album, North America, includes songs with titles such as “Occupy Anchorage,” “Vancouver (for child astronauts)” and “A Bridge Over […]

Gary Green takes the harmonica to a new level when he joins Mayer Kirby Mayer for a special benefit show at the Paramount. Photo: Courtesy subject

Local ties: Harmonica player Gary Green hits a familiar stage

As audio engineer for Charlottesville’s Paramount Theater, it’s Gary Green’s job to make musicians sound great. What many people don’t know is that Green is an accomplished musician in his own right. A virtuoso harmonica player, he won the Hohner-sponsored 1987 World Harmonica Championships, and by his own estimate has since played on recordings for […]