Here goes…everything

“Election Night” Tuesday, all major networks It feels like the current presidential election has been going on for as long as I can remember. And for good reason: The economy is in the toilet; we continue to be in two unending, expensive conflicts; the world kind of hates our guts; and we’re facing looming energy […]

Let’s get “Rock”-ed

“30 Rock” Thursday 9:30pm, NBC The Emmy winner for Best Comedy two years running finally starts Season 3. When last we saw sketch-show writer Liz Lemon (Tina Fey), a Mexican cheese puff-induced pregnancy scare left her longing for a baby, and she started thinking about adoption. Meanwhile, network boss Jack Donaghy (Alec Baldwin) abandoned the […]

Oh, the horror

“Stylista” Wednesday 9pm, CW Remember how much you loved The Devil Wears Prada? The producers of “Top Model” and “Project Runway” hope you do, since they’ve basically copied it whole cloth for this new reality competition where aspiring fashionistas compete to win a job at Elle Magazine. The Meryl Streep to their Anne Hathaways is […]

Blind ambition

“Project Runway” Wednesday 9pm, Bravo Thank Jeebus, it’s the finale. What a terrible, awful season this turned out to be. Before it even aired I was concerned at the quick turnaround after Season 4, and I was right to be. It’s clear that S5 was cast with rejects from the past seasons, and the lame […]

Super Thursday

“CSI” Thursday 9pm, CBS When it launched eight years ago, who’d have thought that “CSI” would become one of the biggest juggernauts in 21st century TV? But a juggernaut it is, spawning two successful spin-offs and standing largely responsible for CBS’ practically all-cop-shows-all-the-time line-up. Season 9 starts tonight, and change is in the air. In […]

Second chances

“90210” Tuesday 8pm, CW We’re now a month into the new “90210,” and I remain conflicted about the show. On the one hand, I enjoy all of the adult characters, from OG West Bev kids Brenda and Kelly to the new versions of the Walsh parents, including Jessica Walters’ feisty grandma. (No, I don’t care […]

New kids on the block

“The Mentalist” Tuesday 9pm, CBS Simon Baker is drop-dead gorgeous, and he’s got a sexy accent. But for whatever reason, he can’t quite make the A-list thing happen. He starred in the short-lived lawyer drama “The Guardian,” had a supporting role in Ray Liotta’s megaflop caper show “Smith,” and now he’s giving TV another try […]

How sharper than a serpent’s tooth

“Whatever, Martha”Tuesday 9pm, Fine Living Martha Stewart gets more than her fair share of crap. She’s derided for being an imperious bitch and, yeah, there was that whole insider-trading thing. But she’s done her time, and frankly, I like her sheets and towels. She’s a savvy businesswoman, and the best way to get back at […]

Suck it

“America’s Next Top Model”Wednesday 8pm, CW The dawn of Cycle 11 brings several exciting developments. For the first time in years, Auntie Tyra has blessed us with a two-hour premiere, meaning we actually get to see the girls in action (and one of them get the boot) rather than form totally insensitive judgments based on, […]

The politics of… politics

“Democratic National Convention Coverage”Tuesday 10pm, ABC, CBS, NBC Whether or not presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Barack Obama taps governor Tim Kaine for his running mate, Tuesday night will be a big one for Virginia. Former Governor Mark Warner will have his national coming out party as he presents the keynote address on the topic “Renewing […]

Truth and lies

“Penn & Teller: Bullshit!”Thursday 10pm, Showtime Tonight’s episode marks the sixth season finale for the comedian team’s documentary series, in which they debunk various cultural myths or political standpoints. In the past season alone the pair has investigated NASA, the green movement, dolphins, world peace and the war on porn; in tonight’s episode, the notion […]

Let the games begin!

“2008 Summer Olympics Opening Ceremony”Friday 8pm, NBC Oh, I am so excited! Normally I don’t care for sports. Anything with “–ball” on the end typically has me falling into a coma by halftime, or rolling my eyes at the crass commercialism of it all. But the Olympics! The Olympics I get completely geeked out about. […]

Girls gone wild

“90210”Weeknights 5pm, SOAPNet In case you didn’t know, the CW is going back to West Beverly High this fall with its hotly anticipated spin-off, “90210”—the “Beverly Hills” part was apparently, like, so ’90s. We’ll have to wait until September to see how the new class shapes up (here’s a promising tidbit: Jessica Walters, the magnificent […]

Trailer park dreams

“So You Think You Can Dance”Wednesday 8pm, Thursday 9pm, Fox Like its singing sibling “American Idol,” the 2008 edition of this dancing competition has been largely disappointing. There have been a few bright notes—that Bollywood number a few weeks ago, some amazing Mia Michaels routines—but the dancers that made the Top 20 were, for the […]

I think I’m going to be sick

“Hurl!”Tuesday 9pm, G4 We can all agree that boys are stupid, right? In case you need further proof, I give to you “Hurl!”, the new game show launched by G4, the TV network dedicated to videogames. “Hurl!” combines two incredibly stupid things—eating competitions and nausea-inducing physical challenges—to create a perfect storm of stupid…and a compulsively […]

What is it good for?

“Greatest American Dog”Thursday 8pm, CBS A couple years ago, Bravo aired a show called “Showdog Moms & Dads.” It followed the lives of aspiring pet entertainers and their talented canines, and it was spectacularly crazy, climaxing with a harried Hispanic woman explaining to the cameras that her ill-tempered pet Chihuahua kept biting her in the […]

One Ringwald to rule them all

“Secret Life of the American Teenager”Tuesday 8pm, ABC FamilyDid you like Juno? Of course you did. So now here comes Hollywood to force lesser clones of the indie smash down your throat, starting with this new series on the increasingly edgy ABC Family. But wait—there is good news. While this is another story of a […]

Game show mania

“I Survived a Japanese Game Show”Tuesday 9pm, ABC There’s a great episode of “The Simpsons” where the family gets stranded in Japan and, to earn plane fare home, they subject themselves to the unspeakable humiliations of a Japanese game show. I’m guessing the producers of this series saw that one, since this is pretty much […]

The many definitions of “camp”

“Flipping Out”Tuesday 10pm, Bravo This show follows the fortunes of Jeff Lewis, an L.A. house flipper who buys undervalued properties, renovates them and then quickly sells them for millions of dollars. He’s also a major drama queen. Although his business ventures generate their fair share of sturm und drang, people really tune in to watch […]

The Starman Omnibus, Vol. 1

Starman changed the way I look at comics. The series debuted in 1994, when I was a teenager, growing somewhat bored with traditional super heroes zapping and punching villains and each other. But Starman was different. The book was about a superhero, yes—but its protagonist, Jack Knight, wasn’t just another costumed crime fighter. He was […]

Worth every penny

“She’s Got the Look”Wednesday 10pm, TV Land I’m a sucker for a modeling show, and this one has an added heart-tugging edge. Forget those skinny bitches in their 20s; “She’s Got the Look” aims to find the next supermodel over the age of 35. Finally, our nation’s cougars get their due. But honestly, some of […]

Now that’s what I call “wife swap”

“Swingtown”Thursday 10pm, CBS Why CBS, you little minx. I didn’t know you had it in you! This new period drama is set in 1976, and follows a cute young couple moving into the suburbs of Chicago and the burgeoning swinger scene. The newbies are torn between a set of straight-laced friends and their tempting, sexually […]

Everything old is new again

“Million Dollar Password”Sunday 8pm, CBS Regis Philbin is back, people! And he’s about to show Howie Mandel how a real man hosts a game show. Lest we forget, Reeg caught lightning in a bottle back in 1999 with “Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?” (The answer: apparently, every middle-aged, middle-class Midwesterner.) Can he do so […]

Finale, finally

“American Idol”Tuesday and Wednesday 8pm, Fox I dropped “Idol” this year before it hit the Top 10; I think it was the second Beatles week that turned me off the show for the first time since Season 3. It’s not that the kids this time were untalented. But…they were unlikable. I mean, as human beings. […]

Don’t stand on Superman’s cape

“Smallville”Thursday 8pm, CW I’m a comic geek, so this show frustrates me to no end. It’s not that it changes things from the comics. It’s that all of the changes are stupid. The initial premise was to show Clark Kent’s life as a pre-Super teen and, for the first couple seasons, that made for a […]

What’s up, docs?

“Tougher in Alaska”Thursday 10pm, History Channel Forget “Northern Exposure”: Alaska isn’t all quirky neighbors, impossibly beautiful law enforcement officers and wandering moose. This new documentary series explains how life in America’s 49th state is, well, tougher than anything us pansies in the continental United States ever have to deal with. At 6’3", 225 pounds, host […]

Green Lantern: The Sinestro Corps War Vol. 1

Green Lantern: The Sinestro Corps War Vol. 1

Geoff Johns is an evil genius. Or possibly a wizard. Or maybe some kind of cyborg from an alternate dimension. He’s clearly not human, since he possesses the alchemical ability to take even the most exhausted, clichéd comic concepts and transform their leaden histories into storytelling gold. Over the past 10 years, he’s taken the […]