Aliens again

“Jon Benjamin Has a Van" Tuesday 10:30pm, Comedy Central You might not immediately recognize H. Jon Benjamin, but he’ll probably sound familiar. The comedian has been getting steady voice-acting roles in cartoons for years now, on series as far back as “Dr. Katz, Professional Therapist,” and as recent as “Bob’s Burgers” and “Archer,” where he […]

Never ending stories

"The Glee Project" Sunday 9pm, Oxygen Fox’s teen musical “Glee” continues to be a huge hit despite the fact that, after two seasons, any unbiased viewer could agree that it’s mostly awful. And since every modern American teen thinks that he or she has what it takes to be a star (and also deserves to […]

Blowing up

 “Destroy Build Destroy” Wednesday 8:30pm, Cartoon Network Cartoon Network has been expanding outside the animated realm for several years, including with this live-action game show, now entering its fourth season. “Destroy Build Destroy” lives up to its name as two teams of teenagers blow up assorted objects using bazookas, rocket launchers and other explosives, use […]

The O’s end

 “The Oprah Winfrey Show” Wednesday 4pm, NBC29 After 25 seasons and more than 5,000 episodes, the Queen of Talk ends her award-winning talk show. It’s impossible to overstate Oprah Winfrey’s influence on modern American culture. Her show has been home to some major pop-culture moments. Ellen DeGeneres came out on her stage in 1997. Liberace […]

Epic disasters

“The Good Wife” Tuesday 10pm, CBS The future is uncertain for this critically acclaimed drama, which wraps up its sophomore season tonight. Ratings have never been great, but I hope it gets picked up for a third go-round, because it’s easily one of the more interesting shows on CBS’s procedural-dominated schedule. The amazing Julianna Margulies […]

Wives’ tales

“Smallville” Friday 8pm, CW After 10 seasons, this sci-fi drama about the teen who would become Superman wraps up with a double-sized series finale. “Smallville” started out with a novel concept, promising a “no tights, no flights” examination of the Superman myth filtered through the prism of mopey teen isolation. Over the years it got […]

Merry melodies

“The Looney Tunes Show” Tuesday 8pm, Cartoon Network The old “Looney Tunes” cartoon shorts remain brilliant even decades after their original airings. Don’t believe me? Try watching any of those Road Runner/Wile E. Coyote clips. They just don’t make them like that anymore. Except they do! Cartoon Network is bringing back Bugs Bunny, Daffy Duck, […]

Quittin’ time

“The Voice” Tuesday 9pm, NBC “Voice” is an import of a Dutch singing show that operates much in the vein of “The X-Factor,” but with a twist. Four celebrity judges—Cee-Lo Green, country star Blake Shelton, Maroon 5’s Adam Levine, and rapidly foundering pop diva Christina Aguilera—will each draft a “team” of performers, who they will […]

Tablet revolution

“Girl’s Night Out: Superstar Women of Country” Friday 9pm, CBS While male country artists are generally too earnest for my taste, I love me some lady country musicians. My iPod is loaded with Dolly, Reba, Shania, Carrie, Faith, LeAnn, Dixie Chicks, SheDaisy and the like. So naturally I’m excited for this new Academy of Country […]

Drama Kings

“Happy Endings” Wednesday 9:30pm, ABC The airwaves are flooded with sitcoms right now, and I have a feeling that this one might get dismissed by critics or lost in the shuffle. It certainly isn’t original; a group of friends (three guys, three gals) suffer the trials and tribulations of modern romance, set in motion after […]

Human Nature

“Extreme Couponing” Wednesday 9 & 9:30pm, TLC My couponing skills extend to getting 50 cents off the fancier box of macaroni and cheese. But there are people who take couponing seriously, spending hours every week tracking down thousands of the circulars most of us recycle from the Sunday paper so that they can get a […]

The stuff of legend

“Body of Proof” Tuesday 10pm, ABC Dana Delaney is much missed on “Desperate Housewives,” but you can’t blame the magnetic ginger for wanting a show of her own. In this new procedural (I know, I know…) she plays Megan Hunt, a hotshot neurosurgeon who becomes a medical examiner after a car accident pushes her out […]

The not-so-great depression

“Marcel’s Quantum Kitchen” Tuesday 10pm, SyFy Marcel Vigneron was the breakout star of the controversial second season of Bravo’s cooking competition, “Top Chef.” The cocky, crazily-coiffed “molecular gastronomist” (a fancy term for a chef who uses high-tech preparation techniques) was originally portrayed as the series villain, but became the underdog victim after being repeatedly bullied […]

I know you are, but what am I?

“Comedy Central Roast of Donald Trump” Tuesday 10:30pm, Comedy Central The worst-coiffed man in America is still somehow culturally relevant—and a hell of a lot wealthier than you or me—so he must be doing something right. Among the people roasting the perhaps future Virginia vintner will be comedians Whitney Cummings, Jeffrey Ross and Lisa Lampanelli, […]

Girly shows

“The Bachelor” Monday­ 8pm, ABC Back in 2007 Brad Womack—the bar-owning slab of beefcake selected as the lead in the 11th season of the long-lived “Bachelor” franchise—pissed off lonely women across the nation when he decided not to enter into a doomed public relationship with either of his final two gal pals. This season Womack […]

Let's go crazy

“The Essentials” Saturday­ 8pm, TCM If you don’t get enough Alec Baldwin in your life via “30 Rock” (and really, who could ever get enough Alec Baldwin?), the gravel-voiced actor also hosts this series of classic films along with Turner Classic Movies fixture Robert Osborne. This weekend marks Baldwin’s third season in the co-pilot seat, […]

Everybody Wins

“Hall of Game Awards” Friday­ 7pm, Cartoon Network The title for this new awards show is somewhat deceiving. I initially thought it celebrated video or board games, but no, it’s a kid-oriented celebration of sports. The show might further glorify people who are paid ridiculous amounts of money to play games and sell Americans high-priced […]

Reasonable Facsimiles

“Jeopardy” Tuesday–Wednesday­ 7:30pm, NBC29 The eggheads at IBM decided to build a computer that can answer questions with the speed, accuracy and confidence of a human. Because they’ve apparently never seen 2001: A Space Odyssey. To test said machine, dubbed Watson, they’re pitting it against two of “Jeopardy”’s biggest champions: Brad Rutter and Ken Jennings. […]

Who’s laughing now?

“Mixed Signals” Tuesday 9:30pm, Fox Another international export, this new comedy is an American translation of the Israeli series “Ramzor.” (Doesn’t the original title make you think of some badass He-Man sidekick?) For such an exotic start the concept is rather mundane: Three lifelong friends cope with the different relationships in their lives. Mike (David […]

Goal oriented

“Who Do You Think You Are?” Friday 8pm, NBC I very much enjoyed the first season of this genealogy-based documentary show in which celebrities learn about their ancestors. Did you know Sarah Jessica Parker’s great-great-something-or-other was one of the accused during the Salem Witch Trials? Well, you do now. This season we get to follow […]

Something fishy

“RuPaul’s Drag Race 3” Tuesday 9pm, VH1 Even if you’re currently Logo-less you can still enjoy the most awesomely ridiculous reality competition ever to sashay across a television set. VH1 will rebroadcast new episodes of the drag-queen series the night after they originally air on the aforementioned gay cable net. The new season starts this […]

Changing seasons

“American Idol” Wednesday-Thursday 9pm, FOX Simon is gone. Last season was a disaster. A slew of new singing competitions are set to launch in the next 12 months. “Idol” needed change big time, and that looks like what it got. Ellen and Kara are out; unfortunately some idiot signed Randy to a multi-year contract, so […]

The big time

“Off the Map” Wednesday 10pm, ABC Shonda Rhimes, the producer behind “Grey’s Anatomy” and “Private Practice,” goes for a hat trick with another drama about sexy doctors having sex with each other. “Off the Map” at least has a novel twist: It’s set in a remote South American village, so expect some unexpected medical cases […]

“Live to Dance,” “The Cape,” “Shameless”

“Live to Dance” Tuesday-Wednesday 8pm, CBS I’m all for the resurgence of dance in pop culture, but I wonder if we haven’t hit the saturation point with televised dance competitions. I guess we’ll find out. CBS tries its hand at the genre with this new show, headed up by Paula Abdul, who acts as both […]