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The sons of a Baptist preacher in Detroit evolve classic rock into groundbreaking kickass punk in the documentary A Band Called Death.

ARTS Pick: A Band Called Death

Three years before the Ramones launched their iconic schtick, a trio of brothers started the first American proto-punk band in Detroit. They wrote short, fast songs with driving rhythms and lyrics about politics, drugs, rock ‘n’ roll, and of course, existential crises. Their pure originality and aggressiveness made them a hard sell commercially in the […]

A breathy vocal style, ambiguous lyrics, and sophisticated melodies are hallmarks of The Zombies’ sound.

ARTS Pick: The Zombies

As part of the first wave British invasion, The Zombies found American pop success in the darkly melodic “She’s Not There,” and disbanded in 1968, moments before “Time of the Season” topped the charts. After pursuing rewarding solo careers, the founding members have recently regrouped and made a new album Breathe Out, Breathe In, which […]

Baled plastic bottles—many likely from Charlottesville curbside containers—await pickup at TFC Recycling in Chester. The single-stream plant can process 6,600 tons of recyclables a month. Photo: Ash Daniel

Ask Betty: What to do about those pesky junk flyers and catalogs

Teri Kent runs Charlottesville’s Better World Betty, a non-profit organization and online resource for locals looking to shrink their impact on the environment. Every month, Betty—Kent’s ’50s-housewife-meets-earth-goddess alter ego—answers the most burning eco-questions from our readers about energy use, water, waste and recycling, transportation, and green buying.  The majority of my junk mail is credit […]

A Virginia ABC store. File photo.

State seeks dismissal of Daly’s $40 million ABC suit

Last week, the $40 million dollar lawsuit of 21-year-old third-year UVA student Elizabeth Daly against the Virginia Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control was moved from Richmond Circuit Court to the federal U.S. District Court in Richmond under Judge Henry E. Hudson. Now, the state of Virginia is asking the judge to dismiss the case, according […]

Gossip girls Lucienne (Amy Barrick left) and Raymonde (Kate Gadzinski) dish the dirt in UVA Drama’s production of A Flea In Her Ear.

ARTS Pick: A Flea in Her Ear

With a few simple plot twists, the characters in UVA Drama’s A Flea in Her Ear set off on an increasingly outrageous romp through a variety of misunderstood lover’s cues. Impotence, jealousy, attempted murder, and entrapment combine to make this Belle Époque farce into a laugh riot from the start. Through 4/26. $8-14, times vary. Ruth Caplin […]

Photo: Deirdre Skogen

ARTS Pick: Wild & Scenic Film Festival

The beauty of the Blue Ridge is an unparalleled testament to nature’s splendor, and the Wild & Scenic Film Festival showcases that magic through a dazzling collection of documentaries from around the region. The festival dives headfirst into the wild, capturing breathtaking moments while examining its delicate relationship with humanity. Wednesday 4/16 & Thursday 4/17. Wednesday: $10, […]

Alexis Murphy. Photo: FBI Richmond Division.

New search in Alexis Murphy case

Two weeks before the murder trial of Randy Allen Taylor is scheduled to begin on May 1, investigators from multiple law enforcement agencies searched property around his former Nelson County residence, according to NBC 29. Taylor is charged with first-degree murder in the disappearance of 17-year-old Alexis Murphy, who was last seen around 7:15pm last […]

A case of La Croix water like the one Daly was carrying. Photo: Amazon.com

UVA student’s suit against ABC moves to federal court

Early this week, the Virginia Attorney General’s Office approved the transfer of the $40 million civil suit filed by a UVA student against the Virginia Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control to federal court. According to the Richmond Times-Dispatch, the suit filed in Richmond Circuit Court last month by Elizabeth Daly, now a 21-year-old third year, […]

Those meddling kids are at it again, and this time they’ve got musical numbers when Scooby Doo Live! comes to the Paramount.

ARTS Pick: Scooby Doo Live!

The curious group of unlikely pals and their tongue-tied talking dog have made the leap from screen to stage in Scooby Doo Live!, a classic caper played out in song and dance. Fred, Daphne, Velma, Shaggy, and of course the eponymous pooch arrive in the Mystery Machine to help solve a serious ghost problem. Tuesday […]

Baltimore punk band Double Dagger is the subject of the documentary If We Shout Loud Enough, screening at the Tom Tom Founders Festival.

If We Shout Loud Enough

Three graphic designers decide to start a band… It sounds like the beginning of a joke about Brooklyn, but is actually the basis of the inspirational documentary If We Shout Loud Enough about Baltimore’s now defunct trio Double Dagger. Started as a concept band, Double Dagger gained a passionate following and reinvigorated the Baltimore music […]

Danny Brown’s lyrics render a portrait of inner city life that is unapologetic, unhindered, and impossible to forget.

ARTS Pick: Danny Brown

It may be the shrill voice of Danny Brown that catches the ear of rap enthusiasts, but it’s the lyrics that make him a modern hip-hop icon. The Detroit legend is brutally honest with his music, offering audiences the chance to view life as it occurs in an impoverished neighborhood. The versatile nature of his […]

Zac Brown Band members Clay Cook and Levi Lowrey face off at the Southern.

ARTS Pick: Clay vs. Levi: Round 2

There’s a score to settle between the members of the famous Zac Brown Band, and they’re taking their gripes to the stage to determine who is the king of the country ballad at Clay vs. Levi: Round 2. Clay Cook lays claim to the title, boasting an impressive solo collection of rock-inspired albums, but the […]

George Huguely. Photo: Nick Strocchia.

Huguely appeals to VA Supreme Court

The Virginia Court of Appeals shut the door on any further arguments in George Huguely’s case this week, but the former UVA lacrosse player is still fighting his 2012 conviction for murder in the beating death of his girlfriend, Yeardley Love. He has now appealed to the Virginia Supreme Court, according to NBC29. Huguely’s legal […]

Photo by Robert Llewellyn

From the editor-at-large: Making the village

Aristotle once observed that “the speculative life is the highest life of man.” When I think about the University of Virginia’s design, I see a physical embodiment of the speculative life. Thomas Jefferson was a farmer, an inventor, a writer, a dreamer, a statesman, an archivist, and an architect—but through all of that, a teacher. […]

Photo by Christian Hommel

Hues and views: Interior designer Andy Cobb gains inspiration

1. Antique or modern? I’m best known for interpreting my clients’ taste. That can range from very accurate historical interiors to modern, classic clean lines. 2. City or country? Again that depends on my clients and their location. From historic homes in Albemarle County to very modern urban ones in Florida and Las Vegas. 3. […]

Guitar virtuoso Pierre Bensusan plays the Southern on Wednesday.
Image: LUCK Media & Marketing, Inc.

ARTS Pick: Pierre Bensusan

There’s no place that isn’t home to Pierre Bensusan. The guitarist’s been on the road for four decades, picking more than singing, but still working a bit of both into his live shows. That schedule almost necessitates his being able to be comfortable anywhere. And he should be reasonably content in Charlottesville. As WTJU’s Folk […]

Nici Cumpston has created masterful exhibits that captures the stunning beauty of Australia in photos like “Leopard Tree II.”

ARTS Pick: Nici Cumpston

Nici Cumpston sees landscape art as more than the simple depiction of world locales. Through photography, she tells the story of a place, preserves the history of a people, and enriches our understanding of the human experience. Her newest collection, titled “having-been-there,” focuses on artwork that demonstrates the rich presence of Aboriginal history and culture […]

Borrowing from rock, country, and soul, Over the Rhine offers a humble musical experience that resonates deeper than the ever present mash of electric sound.

ARTS Pick: Over the Rhine

In a music market that’s dominated by a cacophony of artificial noise, it’s always a pleasure to discover a band that embraces purity. Over the Rhine has reduced its music to a healthy core of soulful melodies and gorgeous lyrics. The lead songwriter, Linford Detweller, is a man whose modest words tell a profound story […]