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Folk music road warrior Philippe Bronchtein parks for a set as Hip Hatchet at The Garage on Friday. Publicity photo

ARTS Pick: Hip Hatchet

Jack-of-all-trades Philippe Bronchtein crafts rustic, witty Americana as the one-man folk band Hip Hatchet. His years on the road have fueled earnest lyrical examinations of classic folk tropes like hard life lessons and the trials of romantic love. While he currently roots himself firmly in the singer-songwriter tradition, Bronchtein’s style also shows traces of his […]

Renowned author Jill McCorkle is the final judge. Publicity photo

Fiction contest alert!

Deadline extended to noon on Wednesday, June 17! Fiction writers, fire up your laptops (or sharpen your pencils, if you’re old school)—it’s time for the C-VILLE Weekly and WriterHouse short fiction contest with renowned author Jill McCorkle as final judge. One adult and one youth winner will receive a one-year membership to WriterHouse and a […]

The always energetic comedian Nick Vatterott works his ability to connect with the audience through silly improvisation at the Southern on Thursday. Publicity photo

ARTS Pick: Nick Vatterott

The L.Y.A.O Comedy Showcase has made Charlottesville a more frequent option for smaller tours featuring up-and-coming comics. Nick Vatterott is one of them, and though you may not recognize him by name, chances are, you will soon. Vatterott’s comedy is quick and sharp, and he utilizes his improv experience on stage, acting out stories and […]

Album reviews: Hannah Miller, Andrew Osenga, Mumford & Sons

Album reviews: Hannah Miller, Andrew Osenga, Mumford & Sons

Hannah Miller Hannah Miller/self-released Hannah Miller is one of the most atmospheric singer-songwriters around. Her penchant for mixing dusty, molasses-thick vocals with stark imagery is evident on her new record, as well as the understated fashion in which the songs play out, making for a nice dichotomy. The slow-burning roots rocker “Help Me Out” mirrors […]

The kid who unapologetically professed, “I’m a loser, baby. So, why don’t you kill me?” has proven that he is the real deal. Beck performs on Wednesday at the Pavilion. Publicity photo

ARTS Pick: Beck

Since his rise to fame in the early ’90s, Beck has become something of a music icon. His breakout “lo-fi” sound had an air of lethargy, while revealing a staid, candid glimpse of Americana that no other artist had been able to capture. Beck’s music matured over the years, and the downright cool of his […]

Four County Players close the season with Our Town, the profound story of life, love and death in a small New Hampshire locale. Photo: Martyn Kyle

ARTS Pick: Our Town

Four County Players, in collaboration with the Hamner Theater, rekindles the neighborly drama and simple charm of last-century Americana in its production of the Pulitzer Prize-winning Our Town. Thornton Wilder’s play within a play showcases the appeal of everyday lives made extraordinary through observation, and remains exceedingly popular as it approaches its 80th anniversary. Through […]

Nationally renowned for his aggressive style, Lewis Black storms onto the Paramount stage on Friday. Photo: Chip McBride

ARTS Pick: Lewis Black

Known for animated, angry facial expressions and loud, rambling rants, Lewis Black has emerged at the forefront of satirical, political comedy. Black’s been a regular on “The Daily Show” as well as starring in a number of his own comedy specials including “Black on Broadway” and “The Root of All Evil,” the latter in which […]

East L.A. Latin rockers Los Lobos look back on 40 years of groundbreaking music at the Jefferson on Friday night. Publicity photo

ARTS Pick: Los Lobos

It was a mutual fondness for obscure artists like Randy Newman and Ry Cooder that originally sparked drummer Louie Pérez and guitarist David Hidalgo’s musical relationship in 1973. But it wasn’t until  the ’80s that the massive soundtrack cover of Ritchie Valens’ “La Bamba” catapulted them into the mainstream. More than 40 years, and 20 […]

Edwina Herring, Javier Figueroa, Martha Stafford, Timothy T. Read and Alison Bowers compete for your votes in Fight Night. Photo: Rammelkamp Foto

ARTS Pick: Fight Night

Exercise your freedom of speech and love for the arts in a unique dramatic performance when Live Arts’ Fight Night places control in the audience’s hands—literally. Viewers determine the outcome of the play by voting with a handheld transmitter as five actor/contestants duke it out onstage in an innovative production that challenges beliefs and stimulates […]

Photo: Prakash Patel

Porch perfect: 11 local spaces maximizing outdoor living

The countdown is on: one month ‘til summer. If you ask us, that’s just early enough to start moving the party outside. We’ve rounded up 13 of our favorite outdoor spaces—from a Gothic Revival to a stucco four-square—to glean inspiration. Easy breezy (above) The two wings of this house frame a woodsy view and, once […]

William Walter will be joined onstage by lead guitar slidemaster Tucker Rogers for a set of poppy, jammy acoustic fun. Photo: Billy Hunt

ARTS Pick: William Walter

Scene veteran William Walter’s songwriting and stagemanship has matured over his near 20-year career through relentless touring in the U.S., Europe and South America, and the singer-songwriter has acquired fans everywhere. But it’s no secret or surprise that his big smile and tender lyrics capture the hearts (and bottoms?) of his female fans, so much […]

Alt-country buzz band American Aquarium’s recent rise came after years of recording and touring led by BJ Barham. The group headlines Fridays After Five this week. Photo: Joshua Black Wilkins

ARTS Pick: American Aquarium

North Carolina six-piece American Aquarium revives its raw roots rock with a new level of honesty in the lyrics. After years of barely scraping by with the devotion of a niche audience, frontman BJ Barham and his frequently rotating backup were ready to throw in the towel before a sudden burst of success kept the […]

Give us a hand: Five local nonprofits worth your attention

Give us a hand: Five local nonprofits worth your attention

The term nonprofit belies some big numbers: According to a joint economic report from Johns Hopkins University and Virginia Commonwealth University, the state’s nonprofit sector employs 235,100 people, collects $40 billion in revenues annually and spends $38 billion per year. Charlottesville is a critical part of that landscape. Nonprofit expenditures per capita in the city […]

Goth icon Aurelio Voltaire keeps the flame alive at the Main Street Annex on Wednesday. “I say, if you’re over 40 and you’re still rocking the goth look, that’s pretty cool, but you’re going to be even cooler when you’re rocking it at 90,” Voltaire told The Huffington Post. Publicity photo

ARTS Pick: Aurelio Voltaire

When national gothic icon Aurelio Voltaire isn’t penning one of his popular graphic novels or teaching at the School of Visual Arts in New York, he’s on the road playing his unique brand of “dark cabaret” symphonic rock. He is currently on a 30-city tour with special guest Ego Likeness, so if you’re in the […]

Live Arts’ staging of The Mountaintop captures a turning point in history through a poignant, intimate production starring Deandra Irving and William Jones. Photo courtesy of Live Arts

ARTS Pick: The Mountaintop

Accomplished playwright Katori Hall left her hometown of Memphis, Tennessee to earn degrees from Columbia, Harvard and The Juilliard School, and then returned artistically in the 2009 London-based production of The Mountaintop to ponder the final hours of the life of Martin Luther King Jr. When the maid arrives with coffee in the Reverend’s dingy, diminutive motel […]

Indie scene mainstay Ryan Adams plays at the Pavilion on Sunday. Publicity photo

ARTS Pick: Ryan Adams

It may sound strange to call Ryan Adams a music veteran, but it’s been more than 20 years since his first release with the revered alt-country band Whiskeytown. Solo since 2000, the prolific North Carolina singer-songwriter continues to make an impression on critics and celebrity gossip columnists. Adams’ recently released self-titled album has been lauded […]

Clean catering: How to minimize waste when feeding a crowd

Clean catering: How to minimize waste when feeding a crowd

Teri Kent runs Charlottesville’s Better World Betty, a non-profit organization and online resource for locals looking to shrink their impact on the environment. Every month, Betty—Kent’s ’50s-housewife-meets-earth-goddess alter ego—answers the most burning eco-questions from our readers about energy use, water, waste and recycling, transportation and green buying. Has Betty got any advice about takeout meals […]

Albemarle High School stages macabre musical The Addams Family this weekend. Photo: Teri Marsh

ARTS Pick: The Addams Family

Sure, they’re altogether ooky, but can Gomez and Morticia carry a tune? Find out this weekend when the Albemarle High School Players bring The Addams Family musical to the stage. Based on Charles Addams’ gleefully macabre New Yorker cartoons, which also inspired a TV series and two movies, the show will have you snapping along […]

Just give me a riesling: The ballad of a misunderstood grape

Just give me a riesling: The ballad of a misunderstood grape

Riesling’s come a long way since the 1970s. After generations of fractured vineyard ownership in the Mosel dating back to Napoleon, the 1970s brought replanting and remapped vineyard ownership. New, sensible roads greatly improved the harvesting process, and many areas planted habitats to attract beneficial birds to the vineyards. Upward creeping temperatures due to climate […]

Improvisational folk rockers Up the Chain play The Garage on Tuesday. Photo: Caitlin McCann

ARTS Pick: Up the Chain

While Up the Chain has existed in various forms with a rotating cast of Philadelphia’s finest young hired guns since 2009, the one constant at the band’s core has been founder, frontman and lyricist Reed Kendall. And while the self-described purveyors of “neighbor rock” don’t offer explanation of the style, one can surmise that it […]

Alt-country act Langhorne Slim has been championed by music critics and fans since his debut in 2004. Rolling Stone called his most recent album “damn near perfect.” Publicity photo

ARTS Pick: Langhorne Slim

After breaking into Rolling Stone magazine’s top 10 editor’s picks for 2004 with his song “Electric Love Letter,” Langhorne Slim went on to build a solid fanbase through relentless touring with a top-notch backing band (The Law), record an average of one new album per year and earn multiple television and film credits. The heartache is just […]