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ileen Boyle and Veronica Hart star in Albemarle Ballet's production of the children's classic. Publicity photo

ARTS Pick: Little Red Riding Hood

Countless adaptations of the famous folk tale “Little Red Riding Hood” portray the young hooded girl and her lone perilous pilgrimage to grandma’s house. The Albemarle Ballet Theatre’s rendition, however, is a lighthearted musical featuring friendly forest creatures and an antagonist that is more Wile. E. Coyote than Big Bad Wolf. This tippy-toe version of […]

Looking back on a year at UVA. Photo: Jack Looney

The UVA Issue: Around Grounds

It’s definitely been a year of change at the University, from the announcement of some major departures to a big reveal to the Rotunda dome’s makeover, but it’s also been a bang-up year for advancement, thanks to research and writing from the faculty. And be sure to check out the other part of our UVA feature, highlighting student achievements […]

Jerry Reid. Photo: Elli Williams

The UVA Issue: Students in the spotlight

It’s been a year of achievement and change at UVA, and as another class prepares to become alumni, we’re taking a look back. In this piece, we’ve gathered stories of students who stuck out in the last year—particularly those whose achievements were outside the classroom. So read on (and don’t miss the other part of […]

Produce for sale at C'ville Market. Photo: Nick Strocchia

Two Charlottesville groceries to close this month

Two locally owned food stores will be shuttered by month’s end, according to local news reports. Anderson’s Carriage Food House, located at the corner of Emmett Street and Barracks Road, and Belmont’s C’ville Market both announced that they’ll close their doors within weeks. Ted Anderson told NBC29 that his family’s seafood company has been doing […]

A tree fell on a pickup truck on JPA near the intersection with Stribling Avenue yesterday, trapping the driver. Photo: Charles Werner

Storm downs trees, traps driver in Charlottesville

A cluster of thunderstorms hit Charlottesville Monday afternoon, downing trees that trapped one driver in a truck on Jefferson Park Avenue and knocked out power for thousands. Shortly before 4 p.m., a tree entangled in live wires fell across the road near Jefferson Park and Stribling Avenues and onto a white Ford pickup, partly crushing […]

The plaintive honesty of Elephant Revival’s sound is enhanced by eclectic instrumentation that includes washboard, djembe, musical saw, and stompbox. Publicity Image.

ARTS Pick: Elephant Revival

A beautiful thing happens when five earth-conscious activists harness acoustic music to spread their message of soulful living—you get Elephant Revival, a band whose sound is both a tribute to and embodiment of nature’s beauty. The music is deeply rooted in Celtic and folk tradition, accented by notes of rock and gypsy with lyrics that are […]

Roosevelt Dime employs solid musical chops and a dash of whimsy to put a new spin on traditional roots rock. Image: Kate Reeder.

ARTS Pick: Roosevelt Dime

Touching on everything from Appalachian string music to jug band and Dixieland, Brooklyn’s Roosevelt Dime coined the term “steamboat soul” to describe the period sound it has culled from historic influences. From busking in the boroughs to raising cain at highfalutin’ festivals, the Dime’s live shows promise to be a suspender-snapping good time. Friday 5/9. $10-15, 8pm. BON […]

The new Philly sound is loaded with shrieks and feedback, according to the epic rock quartet Bleeding Rainbow. Image: Chad Yanagisawa.

ARTS Pick: Bleeding Rainbow

From the ashes of twee noise pop duo Reading Rainbow, Philadelphia’s dark phoenix has risen in the form of Bleeding Rainbow—an anthemic grunge punk quartet whose soaring melodies and driving, fuzzed-out guitars remind you of the ’90s in the most wonderful kind of way. The band successfully mingles flannel-clad angst with hopeful harmonies, Cobain-inspired screams, and […]

Tandem Friends School students get a real world production experience through the Radio Resource Project.  Image courtesy of MRC

WNRN and Music Resource Center put teens in charge

For many people, the radio is a convenient distraction that adds some color to  daily routines. But for the students at Tandem Friends School, it’s their voice.  Teaming with WNRN and Music Resource Center in the Radio Resource Project, the teens write, produce, and host a complete radio show, titled “30 Minute Throwdown,” from beginning to […]

Breaking bad out of New England’s hard rock scene, Prospect Hill gets heavy at the Main Street Annex. Publicity Image.

ARTS Pick: Prospect Hill

The first shrill chords that erupt from Prospect Hill leave no question as to what these guys are all about: good ol’ fashioned sensory overload. The Boston-based band doesn’t just play music, it assaults it, and creates sensational riffs of hardcore rock energy that shake the deepest cores of its die-hard fans. In the tradition of […]

ARTS Pick: Revel

ARTS Pick: Revel

Charlottesville’s young art forces cut loose for the third installment of Revel, a festive fundraiser that pulls out all the stops and reaches across philanthropic boundaries. With proceeds benefiting The Bridge Progressive Arts Initiative, the bill boasts “experiences” along with cocktails, an experimental auction, and a performance by We Are Star Children. Bid to win […]

After 30 years of supporting local dance, Miki Liszt’s efforts now focus on preparing for the future with her educational youth dance company. Rammelkamp Foto

Miki Liszt’s graceful work in local dance carries on

For many budding dancers in the annual Community Children’s Dance Festival on Saturday, it will be their first time on stage, facing bright spotlights and a hushed audience. But amidst the backstage buzz lies another milestone that might escape the eyes of proud parents. Miki Liszt will quietly celebrate her dance company’s 30th anniversary during […]

Deanna Danger and friends make spring pop with some good old fashioned bump and grind at the Jefferson. Publicity photo

ARTS Pick: Burlesque in Bloom

Dust off your derbies and gather your garters, ladies and gents, because spring has sprung and it’s time to celebrate. What better way to kick off the most frisky of all seasons than an evening of vaudevillian delights presented and hosted by Richmond’s most titillating leading ladies? Burlesque in Bloom is a classic variety showcase […]

The Albemarle Players take on Rodgers and Hammerstein’s timeless classic The Sound of Music. Publicity photo

ARTS Pick: The Sound of Music

The Albemarle High School auditorium comes alive with The Sound of Music as dozens of teenage thespians bring the beloved Rodgers and Hammerstein musical to the stage for four performances. If last year’s live, television production of the show was one of your favorite things, you already know the play centers around Maria, a singing nun-in-training-turned-governess, who […]

Oratorio Society of Virginia Music Director Michael Slon conducts musicians during a
rehearsal of Candide. The Society and Ash Lawn Opera are collaborating on two performances of the operetta, which is based on a novella written by Voltaire in 1759 and adapted for
theater by Leonard Bernstein in the 1950s. Image: Chris Pecoraro

The meticulous collaboration to pull off Candide

Are you familiar with the Night-Blooming Cereus? It’s a flower, or, more properly, a flowering cactus that blooms only one night a year. That’s it. And if you’re not there, you won’t see it. Ash Lawn Opera and the Oratorio Society of Virginia’s production of Candide promises to be far more spectacular than flowering cacti, […]

The uniquely talented Ami Dang merges Indian folk music with electronica through her accessible mastery of the sitar. Publicity photo

ARTS Pick: Ami Dang

Though the sitar doesn’t often appear in contemporary American music, Maryland musician Ami Dang strives to break the barriers between New Delhi and Baltimore by pairing the instrument with modern electronic beats and drones to create a distinctive new sound that she calls “Bollywave.” Her sitar shines with the help a looping pedal, creating a […]

Kid Millions brings his collaborative percussion project, Man Forever, to the Southern on Monday. Publicity Image

ARTS Pick: Man Forever

John Colpitts, better known as Kid Millions, began his musical journey as a teenager in Connecticut, playing classic rock covers in a band named after a pancake joint in California.  From humble beginnings in Lakeville, best remembered by Colpitts as the town where the little known classic psych-folk  album Red Hash was recorded by Gary Higgins, the […]

Kstylis shakes things up and down with his own version of twerk at the Main Street Annex on Saturday. Photo: bigflacpro.com

ARTS Pick: Kstylis

There’s a new style of music dropping low in the hip-hop world. It’s called hype, and it has one purpose: to get booties moving. One talent behind the music is Kstylis, a rap master whose passion for bouncing backsides is matched by his love for a wicked beat. The self-proclaimed “king of twerk” combines powerful […]

After a seven year hiatus, Nickel Creek reunites for a new album and a national tour that stops at the Pavilion on Saturday. publicity photo

ARTS Pick: Nickel Creek

Acoustic music is not traditionally known to have explosive energy, but that’s precisely where the members of Nickel Creek find their voice. For the past decade, the California trio has been redefining the perception of unplugged music in complex arrangements that are as full-bodied and powerful as their electric counterparts. The band’s newest album, A […]