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Opinion: Deadly numbers and weak laws

A year ago in April, a UVA student nearly shot his neighbor, a UVA law student, when he accidentally fired his AK-47 through his wall and into the next apartment. Because the judge didn’t find enough evidence beyond a reasonable doubt that it wasn’t simply an accident and not a criminal act, charges were dismissed, but […]

There's a whole lotta Shakespeare goin' on through November. Photo: Publicity photo

ARTS Pick: Shakespeare

Almost 400 years later, the world is still enraptured by the lovers, heroes, fairies and deviant minds that dominate tales penned by William Shakespeare. In tribute to the approaching anniversary of his death (April 23, 2016), a statewide collaboration of arts organizations formed the Virginia Shakespeare Initiative to promote a series of Bard-honoring events and […]

Words like brilliant, enthralling and virtuosity are scattered throughout the flattering reviews directed at the Pavel Haas Quartet. The foursome headlines the Tuesday Evening Concert Series this week. Photo: publicity photo

ARTS Pick: Pavel Haas Quartet

Hailed as “the world’s most exciting string quartet” by Gramophone magazine, Prague’s Pavel Haas Quartet features two violins, a viola and violoncello. Thanks to its rich, vivid sound, the group has collected an array of awards including the top prize at the prestigious Paolo Borciani competition in Italy and Best Chamber Music Recording at the […]

People’s Champs thrive comfortably in an unusual blend of powerful lyrics and danceable rhythms on Thursday at The Garage. Photo: Publicity photo

ARTS Pick: People’s Champs

Brooklyn-based septet People’s Champs artfully fuse West African and South American dance rhythms with futurist synths to create a unique sound endorsed by various music scenes from indie rock to funky soul. The talented ensemble features members of Superpower Horns, the Grammy Award-winning horn section for Beyoncé, as well as powerhouse vocalists. Thursday 10/15. Free, 8pm. […]

Chef Tommy Lasley's IVP Banh Mi at Ivy Provisions. Photo: Tom McGovern

Food and Drink 2015

It’s a mouth-watering time to be a food-lover in Charlottesville. The solid foundation of our dining landscape—built by C&O, Mas, Fleurie and others—has paved the way for a new generation of culinarians. Now, we’re reaping the benefits of past and present as we head into our foodie future with scene-stealing newcomers like the little Neapolitan […]

On Saturday, Starr Hill Brewery will celebrate the shorter autumn days and the coming harvest by throwing one heck of an all-day party and a culinary challenge in which Curtis Shaver (Hamiltons’), Harrison Keevil (Brookville) and Thomas Leroy (Kardinal Hall) compete for The Best in Octoberfest award. Photo (left to right): Justin Ide, Cramer photo, Ashley Twiggs

Brewing battle: Pork fuels the culinary competition at Starr Hill’s Oktoberfest

In an effort to do justice to the tradition of Oktoberfest—that much-beloved historical occasion enjoyed by generations of brewski connoisseurs the world ’round—Crozet’s Starr Hill Brewery will, for one day only, transform its taproom into a brauhaus replete with musical entertainment, culinary extravaganza and a smorgasbord of German-influenced beverages. “Germany’s incredible beer history has been […]

Cabinet showcases its rowdy take on Appalachian bluegrass at The Festy Experience on Friday. Photo: Publicity photo

ARTS Pick: Cabinet

Formed in eastern Pennsylvania in 2006, Cabinet is a band that honors Appalachian tradition by channeling bluegrass, country and folk into a hard-driving style that’s been deemed slamgrass. Through steady harmonies, soaring vocals and storytelling, the group’s music takes the long way home, inviting its listeners to sit back and relax on a virtual ride […]

Enigmatic alt-country singer-songwriter Lyle Lovett (right) teams up with John Hiatt for a set at The Festy Experience on Saturday. Photo: Publicity photo

A wonderful thing: Lyle Lovett on how to get a song going

In the three decades since the notoriously idiosyncratic and gentlemanly Lyle Lovett erupted onto the country music scene with the single “Cowboy Man,” the Texas native has earned a reputation as being an artist’s artist. Lovett’s genre-bending 1986 eponymous debut received unanimous critical acclaim, even winning a spot on Rolling Stone’s best albums of the […]

Brian Regan’s ability to relate to a span of generations is what sets him apart at the Paramount on Thursday. Photo: Publicity photo

ARTS Pick: Brian Regan

Featured in the Chris Rock movie Top Five, nominated for a 2014 American Comedy Award for Best Concert Comic and appearing 27 times on “The Late Show with David Letterman,” Brian Regan has distinguished himself as a clean comedian, earning praise from legends in the field such as Jerry Seinfeld. He finds mirth in everyday […]

The country heart and soul of Memphis will pour out onto the Jefferson stage at An Evening with Lucero on Monday. Photo: Publicity photo

ARTS Pick: An Evening with Lucero

Lucero was born out of boredom during the spring of ’98, when a group of Memphis, Tennessee, buddies who were tired of the punk rock and metal that dominated the local music landscape decided to pick up instruments and pluck out edgy, country tunes. After a period of woodshedding and experimentation, the band grew to […]

Actor Amira Helene’s complaint gets subverted by a translator in the 12-minute film Listen, one of the Manhattan Short Film Festival entries being voted on at the Paramount on Saturday. Photo: Lars Vesergaard

ARTS Pick: Manhattan Short Film Festival

Experience the best in international cinematography, in segments of 18 minutes or less, at the Manhattan Short Film Festival. Out of a record 678 entries received from 52 countries, the festival’s programmers selected 10 films as finalists. Audience members around the world view and vote during one week of screenings to decide which cut will […]

Bloody Bloody Andrew Jackson (starring Zach Showalter) channels the cultural and political iconography into the story of one modern rock star to give a refreshing take on Old Hickory. Photo: Michael Bailey

ARTS Pick: Bloody Bloody Andrew Jackson

UVA Drama’s Bloody Bloody Andrew Jackson incorporates emo rock and satire to tell the story of America’s seventh president. The musical plays with fact and fiction to give Jackson a rock star persona that strays from sanitized history textbooks, and the songs, performed by a live band on stage, document Jackson’s life, from his humble […]

Dr. Dog gets the audience going before it’s Trampled by Turtles (above) at the Pavilion on Friday night. Photo: Zoran Orlic

ARTS Pick: Dr. Dog and Trampled by Turtles

When two of the most beloved live bands on the circuit are packaged together on the same tour, it’s time to put your party hat on. So, get your fix from Dr. Dog before getting Trampled By Turtles late into the evening. (Sorry, we couldn’t resist.) The indie bluegrass meets neo-psych rock blowout promises a […]

Wesley Harris, programmer for the Virginia Film Festival

Virginia Film Festival announces lineup

The Virginia Film Festival has announced the schedule for 2015, which will run from November 5-8. This marks the festival’s 27th year and the anticipation is a testament to the growth that Jody Kielbasa has forged since taking the executive role in 2010. The festival will again showcase contemporary films making the festival circuit and due for imminent release, as […]

Saunders Brothers Farm. Photo: 621 Studios

A century of cultivation

A little more than a hundred years ago, in the rural foothills of Nelson County, an ambitious band of five brothers—Will, Doc, Dick, Sam and Massie—were devoting themselves to the hard, prefatory dirty work of chasing a dream. Specifically: The men were spending their mornings and afternoons scouring the forest, field and countryside trapping rabbits. Droves […]

Pop, pop, fizz, fizz: Bubbly wine in Virginia and beyond

Pop, pop, fizz, fizz: Bubbly wine in Virginia and beyond

When you consider the past 8,000 years or so of wine production history, sparkling wine is relatively new on the scene, becoming popular as late as the 1700s. In the early millennia of wine production, sparkling wines were usually made accidentally when a wine would continue its fermentation after warming up in the spring after […]

Andrea Wolper has traveled the globe with her jazz quartet and makes her first local appearance on Saturday at Thomas Jefferson Memorial Church. Photo: Publicity photo

ARTS Pick: Andrea Wolper Quartet

A New York jazz scene staple, Andrea Wolper Quartet has been praised in the industry press as “easily superior to the ever expanding population in the singer/songwriter category,” and Wolper has been named one of the “great jazz singers.” The group’s style combines poetry, text and improvisation to create  beautifully complex compositions, and when she’s […]

Top of the Hops Beer Festival will feature more than 150 craft beers from around the world.

Food & Drink Pick: Top of the Hops Beer Festival

Top of the Hops Beer Festival Saturday, September 26 Enjoy two-ounce samples of more than 150 craft beers from around the world combined with great food, education seminars, music, food and games. $50-80. 21-plus. 3pm. nTelos Wireless Pavilion, 700 E. Main St. betsy@redmountainentertainment.com. For the complete festival guide, click here.

Michael Coleman joins a diverse lineup of musicians and performance artists for the Tom Tom Fall Block Party at the Ix Art Park. Photo: Publicity photo

ARTS Pick: Tom Tom Fall Block Party

Looming sculptures and creative spaces serve as the landscape for the annual Tom Tom Fall Block Party featuring music, food trucks, crafts, performances and a beer garden. Music by Michael Coleman, Moonlight Circus, Disco Risque and Galaxy Dynamite will keep the event lively. Amid the groovy backdrop there will be a tech mixer where some […]

Photo: Jack Looney

So damn local: Your guide to going native

What does it take to be a true local? We think a commenter on Facebook said it best: “The truly quintessential Charlottesville experience isn’t actually available to tourists. It’s having lived here long enough that you can’t go anywhere without running into someone you know, yet still feeling like you live in a decently sized […]