Caite White

Caite has been at C-VILLE since 2007, when she started as a part-time proofreader. Over the next six years, she held the positions of Online Editor and Special Sections Editor. Currently the Special Publications Editor of C-VILLE, she oversees content in special issues and special publications (ABODE, C-VILLE Kids, and C-VILLE Weddings).

Winifred says her favorite room is “Any room where the sun is shining in. I will migrate to the sunniest spot in the house to work or read whenever possible. Taking out the sun factor, I would have to choose the dining room, as I love table linens and an excuse to set a pretty table with French linens.” Photo: Emily Sacco

At home with… Winifred Wegmann

After working at Crème de la Crème for the past nine years, store manager Winifred Wegmann noticed something: “I came to realize how much pleasure I take from helping people find something new for their home that brings them joy.” In March, she set out on her own, opening pour la maison in Townside Shopping […]

Leslie’s favorite room in her home is the kitchen, which she renovated on her own. “It is a perfect blend
of old and new, sustainable and reused products,” she said. “I chose the Corian countertop as it contains 30 percent recycled material, and designed the color scheme of the kitchen around that product. I peeled the asbestos tiles off of the floor to reveal the heartwood pine sleeping many layers below, and after thoroughly sanding it, sealed it with Monocoat—a German product made from flaxseed oil. I set the brick wall free
of its many skins of paint and wallpaper, exposing its ruddy texture. I painted the rest of the kitchen walls in low-VOC paint, restored the old baseboard and reused some of the beadboard in a new laundry alcove
and freestanding cabinet. Photo: Amanda Maglione

At home with…Leslie Burns

Two of interior designer Leslie Burns’ passions put a personal stamp on her work: fine art and travel. Having visited more than 20 different countries and worked as a fine artist, Leslie’s designs often focus on bringing more color and texture to a room. We asked her to tell us what she’s been up to […]

Stop at South Fork (er, wait until it stops for you), where Hannah Lilley will greet you at the window. Photo: Rammelkamp Foto

Mobile friendly: Three Charlottesville food trucks that satisfy

We’ve been following one trend faithfully for a few years—like, literally following it—from the City Market and Fridays After Five to Hydraulic Road and the Ix Art Park. Whether it’s Australian hand pies or smoked pork barbecue, fresh donuts or cupcakes, Charlottesville’s food truck scene brings everything to eat, drink and satisfy your sweet tooth. […]

Photo: Andrea Hubbell

Stocked and loaded: Three robust picnic sandwiches

Whether you’re slicing up a fresh tomato to anoint your BLT or asking for extra arugula at the lunch counter, it’s definitely sammy season. We recommend taking yours to go and enjoying it in the sunshine. Here are three of our picks that achieve picnic perfection. IvP Banh Mi (pictured) For meat lovers: roasted pork, pâté and […]

Photo: Cramer Photo

What’s the scoop?: Splendora’s celebrates a birthday

In the five years since she’s owned the shop, PK Ross has made quite a few changes to Splendora’s—most notably by adding a whole host of flavors to the repertoire. We caught up with her ahead of Splendy’s fifth birthday (June 24!) to chat about some of the biggest gaffes, greatest successes and what’s up […]

Summer staple: a filled-to-the-brim (and beyond!) cone from Kirt's. Photo: Rammelkamp Foto

Cold comforts: Four real ice cream spots

What’s a dessert lover gotta do to get some straight up, full-fat ice cream* when fro-yo is as ubiquitous as Starbucks? Head to one of these local spots for homemade creamy goodness, that’s what. Chap’s 223 E. Main St., Downtown Mall, 977-4139 Take your pick from more than 20 flavors (recommended: classic butter pecan), then […]

Photo: Christy Ford

At home with…Christy Ford

Any list of tastemakers in Charlottesville needs Christy Ford’s name on it. The owner of And George, an antique and home store she started with her mom, designer Jan Roden, in 2001, Ford is also a co-founder of The Scout Guide, a high-end advertising publication that spotlights area businesses. What’s more, her own home (and […]

Jeannette’s favorite room is her bedroom. “It’s visually relaxing for me with everything being mainly black and white (my favorite),” she said. “I have a wall covered with photos of family and favorite people, all things that make me smile when I first wake up. My favorite thing to do is curl up on the bed under the giant mosquito net and read. It’s the more grown-up version of my sheet tent from childhood.” Photo: Amanda Maglione

At home with… Jeannette Andamasaris

Local designer Jeannette Andamasaris wasn’t always into design. In fact, when she graduated from Ohio University, she had a degree in Marine Biology. But traveling around the world as a dancer honed her interest in architecture and other cultures and, while working as a performance artist, she had the opportunity to get involved with the […]

Photo: Virginia Hamrick

At home with… Kelly Witt

A graduate of UVA’s School of Architecture, interior designer Kelly Witt got her start at Elena’s, in the same building where her design studio—a stylish mecca of fabric samples and inspiration—is currently located. From there, she lends a tailored and traditional eye to homes in Charlottesville and, currently, as far flung as Florida. We caught […]

The folks behind Blue Mountain bought South Street Brewery and reopened it in November with a new look and menu. Photo: Rammelkamp Foto

Come and gone: The year in food in rhyme

Food is love. Food is happiness. And, once a year, food inspires us to conjure our inner poet and present to you a list of the year’s openings and closings—entirely in rhyme. It wasn’t a great year for restaurants downtown: Five Guys, El Puerto and Song Song’s, all down. Plus, we said bye to Peking […]

Photo: Rammelkamp Foto

The new old: Roderick Coles puts it all together

Mix it up. That seems to be the unofficial motto of Roderick Coles, the owner of local antiques shop The Curious Orange Store. He told us The Royal Tenenbaums has certainly influenced his taste when it comes to interior design. And it’s true—you can find anything from faux fox fur-covered benches to an 18th century […]

Among Peter LaBau’s projects is a new home office. Photo: Courtesy Peter LaBau

Return to meaning: Architect Peter LaBau stays focused on design

Nine years ago, after working for 25 years at the Boston-based architecture firm he founded, Peter LaBau noticed he was no longer doing the same kind of work he’d set out to do. Rather than interfacing directly with clients and creating homes, he’d inadvertently shifted his focus to running the business. Although it taught him […]

Photo: Elli Williams

This way to winter: 7 Charlottesville sledding spots

The best way to take in a winter wonderland? By barreling down a snow-covered hill so fast you feel like you’re flying. Grab your sled (or, go old school—a trashcan lid’ll do!) and hit these mini-slopes around Charlottesville. O Hill See if you can get a student to swipe you a cafeteria tray before taking […]