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Is that the breast you can do?

Is that the breast you can do?

Is that the breast you can do? As fairly regular advertisers in the C-VILLE Weekly, we were stunned and dismayed by your choice of cover for the June 26 issue [“Why doesn’t Charlottesville have a strip club?”]. As responsible educators we protest the use of a cover that, at the least, sends mixed messages to […]

Strip clubs equal bad food

Strip clubs equal bad food What the heck do we need a strip club for? Overpriced drinks, bad food, young women with wrecked lives and few job skills? Are we really deficient if we don’t have one of these institutions and their pathetic clientele? Konrad ZellerCharlottesville __________________________________________________________________ Bring us your English-speaking huddled masses Your pathetic […]

Quest for the Holy Grail

Quest for the Holy Grail Struggling to be charitable in my opinion of “Beware the Cyclops” by Richard Collins [Opinionated, June 12, 2007] and, in the same issue, the letters by Al Weed [“Can’t get a tee time,” Mailbag] and Jack Marshall [“Size matters,” Mailbag], I accept the challenge to describe an alternative vision for […]

A series of unfortunate events

A series of unfortunate events I would like to make an important correction to David Moltz’s article about the charter school application in Albemarle County [“County considers charter school,” Government News, June 5, 2007]. The city schools did not “pass on the school” as the headline suggested. There was a confluence of unfortunate circumstances including […]

Opinions about Opinionated

Can’t get a tee time We who argue that those who live in a place should have some control over its future, are always being demonized by the growth machine. “You want to close the gate after you have gotten in” we are told. For a farmer, closing the gate is just plain good husbandry. […]

The story that keeps on giving

The story that keeps on giving First, let me say what an outstanding job C-VILLE has done in covering this most interesting situation [“Pantops land will remain in growth area,” Development News, May 29, 2007]. When Jayson Whitehead finally gets to the bottom of this, I feel sure we’ll all be sitting around slack-jawed. It’ll […]

Grief for Goddess

Grief for Goddess I’m an avid reader of C-VILLE Weekly and am consistently impressed with your editorial discretion and caliber of reporting. However, I am dismayed with your decision to allow “Advice Goddess” Amy Alkon another opportunity to spew her biased and erroneous drivel regarding the prevalence of sexual abuse [“Diddle he or didn’t he?,” […]

Defending the Davis damner

Brian McNicoll, Director of Communications, Committee on Oversight and Government Reform, accuses Dan Catalano ["Damner be damned," Mailbag, May 8, 2007] of making up facts on whether Tom Davis can “measure up” should he decide to run for the U.S. Senate [“The man who would be king,” The Odd Dominion, May 1, 2007]. In his […]

Get me the names!

O.K., we see the problem [“Justice for Jesus,” The Odd Dominion, April 17, 2007]. The lunatic fringe of the Christian right wing (and Pat Robertson is indeed the lunatic fringe) has succeeded in a stealth campaign using President Sh_t-for-brains to load up the federal bureaucracy with all these shifty-eyed evangelists. I want to know who […]

No swearing!

No swearing! Your last paragraph [“Black is White,” The Odd Dominion, April 10, 2007] was a mess: What law is Webb flouting? What law is he sworn to uphold? He is sworn to uphold the Constitution of the United States. Mr. Thompson (not Senator Webb) was charged with violating a Washington, D.C. law (a law, […]

Taxman taketh

Mr. Slutzky should (1) stop whining about taxpayer’s complaints (2) stop trying to seek emotional cover with his stereotypical “think of the children” emotional appeals, and (3) if he thinks Richmond is his political cover to our local problems, be voted out of office.We taxpayers keenly feel that the needless taxation resulting from Albemarle County […]

Keep it real

Just wanted to congratulate Eric [Rezsnyak] and you on one of the best articles I’ve read to date on Chris [Daughtry] [“The once and future idol,” April 3]. I am not a typical Chris fan—going on 62, mother of four grown children, grandmother of three. However, I was raised in Detroit in the ‘60s and […]

Please, no historical histrionics

Last week’s C-VILLE asked whether Charlottesville can be “too historical” [“City considers more historic districts,” Government News, March 13]. No. But with concerted effort Charlottesville might make slight amends for decades of neglecting its small-to-begin-with and constantly dwindling stock of historic structures. So what about the city’s most recent “accolade”—that is, its naming as one […]

A day to remember

Why are you against the celebration of Juneteenth in Virginia or throughout the nation? [The Odd Dominion, March 13.] Juneteenth, or the “19th of June”, recognizes June 19, 1865, in Galveston, Texas, when Union General Gordon Granger announced freedom for all slaves in the Southwest. This was the last major vestige of slavery in the […]

Diversionary tactics

I am writing in response to the letter written by Robert E. Jean in this past week’s C-VILLE [“Labor woes traced to immigrants,” Mailbag]. I thought his letter was ridiculously ignorant. It starts by admitting he has never worked in construction, and then goes on at great length to explain how a shortage of construction […]

Author responds

Author responds In response to two letters which mischaracterize an article I wrote on eating disorders at UVA… First, the numbers mentioned in the article were quoted to me by a CAPS counselor who specializes in eating disorders. I was advised that additional data I requested from the National College Health Assessment was not yet […]

It’s all about immigrants

Labor woes traced to immigrants I just wanted to comment on “Bad as it’s ever been” [Development News, February 6]. I have never worked in the construction industry and don’t pretend to have any more knowledge on labor shortages in the construction industry than the next person. However, using one’s common sense, one could deduce […]

Faulty mechanics

Other than the strangely run-together words of its title, The Odd Dominion [January 30] seems to be a worthy addition to C-VILLE Weekly. But, if as Mr. Catalano promises, it will last “as long as I have breath in my body, toner in my ink jet, and the ongoing indulgence of the fine folks at […]

Assessments gone wild

Assessments stink! The article on “County assessments soaring” [Development News, January 30] makes me wonder how those of us within smelling distance of the County dump managed to get such valuable land. A good many of the land values within a mile of the County property had increases of 100 percent or more in the […]

Hopping mad

Do you remember the song that goes “They paved paradise and put up a parking lot” [“Biscuit Run, Habitat team up,” January 23]? Well, in the case of Biscuit Run it is paved paradise and put up a small town! I will be living down the street from this mess and like most of the […]

And pinot for all

And pinot for all

The legislation last year to prohibit Virginia wineries and to prevent Virginia wine retailers to deliver to their customer was the worse legislation I have witnessed in my 44 years in the alcoholic beverage industry [“Legislative help for small wineries," Government News, January 16]. The legislation was probably created, sponsored and dearly paid for by […]

Northern exposure

As I sit up here in the middle of Loudoun County, I find it necessary to crank up the volume on my TV set or CD player to overcome the deafening sound of trees falling to the developers’ dozers. I am sending a stern warning to my “southern neighbors” in Charlottesville and Albemarle [“How dense […]

Two cheers for Goode

Burkah worse than bite Now that we are into the New Year and I have had the opportunity to peruse your editions of December 26 and January 2, I submit the following comment on your attempted castigation of Congressman Virgil Goode for his remarks regarding the newly elected Muslim to Congress [“Goode makes complete ass […]

Biscuit Run road rage

Biscuit Run road rage

Biscuit Run road rage It is an interesting quote from Mr. Blaine in the C-VILLE Weekly under Development and Biscuit Run [“Biscuit Run: More Complaints,” Development News, December 26] that cites his “help” in providing the necessary infrastructure to take this high volume of traffic off of the Fry’s Spring Neighborhood streets that is a […]

More Goode tidings

More grief for Goode Nail this man to the journalistic wall [“Goode Makes Complete Ass of Self,” Government News, December 19]! He is a disgrace to the United States and the founding fathers, many of whom espoused the principles of metaphysical spirituality, Buddhism, and who knows: maybe even the tenets of Islam. I thought the […]