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Readers respond to the April 21 issue

Thanks for writing a fair article regarding the tea party [“Hundreds protest federal spending on Tax Day,” Government News, April 21]. Much to my dismay, our new President is turning out to be a severe disappointment. It is now abundantly clear that he had absolutely no fiscal experience in the real world prior to becoming […]

Readers respond to the April 14 issue

Free lunch I am responding to a rant in the April 7 issue of C-VILLE regarding our local Meals on Wheels program receiving stimulus money from the federal government. While I cannot speak for any Meals on Wheels organization but our own, I can assure any and all concerned citizens that Meals on Wheels of […]

Readers respond to the April 7 issue

Off label I just read your collection of articles and reviews on the work of Warren Craghead and enjoyed them very much [“Here, there and everywhere,” March 31].  Craghead’s How to Be Everywhere and A Map’s Little Spell are some of the strongest “comics” of the past few years, strong enough to make the label […]

Readers respond to the March 24 issue

Fighting words J. Tobias Beard: You suggest in your opening paragraph that the second knockout by Liston resulted in Patterson “ending his career” [“Lords of the ring,” March 17].  As a boxing historian, former NYC Golden Glover, recent trainer, certified referee and often-published boxing commentator and radio guest on the subject, let me correct you: […]

Readers respond to the March 17 issue

Squash, courted Forever enshrined in my memory is the wonderful fried zucchini I had at a celebratory lunch at Ristorante Amalfi, after a successful presentation on Madison Avenue, over 30 years ago [“Crush to become Tavola,” Restaurantarama, March 17]. I never could find it again until suddenly, I looked down, and there it was on […]

Readers respond to past issues

Your roots are showing When I was a lad living at the end of N. First Street our neighbor, Mr. Sam Fitch, whose property ran all the way to what is now McIntire Road, kept a nice coop of chickens along with an appreciative rooster [“Chickens raise concerns when barnyard is backyard,” Development News, February […]

Readers respond to the February 24 issue

November dreams So our brain dead supervisors want to increase our taxes [“Will proposed county tax hike ruffle city-county relations?” Government News, February 24]. I presume they can’t read, since they apparently do not know that the country is going through its worse recession since the Great Depression. Have they been to school? Oh, and […]

Readers respond to the February 10 issue

What’s wrong with this picture? Let me get this straight… The only expression of black devotion that you and your photographer can find in all of Charlottesville is the love of a black servant for the child of her employers? [“Heart & Soul,” February 10, 2009] The city’s loving black couples, caring black parents, and […]

Readers respond to the February 3 issue

Grading on a curve I enjoyed seeing C-VILLE’s take on Ash Lawn-Highland’s inauguration day/MLK celebration [“Timid feeders on the lagoon,” January 27, 2009]. While it may be a somewhat odd venue for such an occasion, I was nonetheless a bit disappointed to see such criticism directed towards President Monroe and the event in general. Certainly, […]