Becky Calvert

Photo: John Robinson

Inside, out: A Belmont home boasts two kinds of kitchens

Bill and Jessica Norton’s Belmont home boasts two kitchens. The first, at the rear informal entrance to their home, is a warm, welcoming space with built-in seating, a vintage porcelain sink picked up on their honeymoon, concrete and copper countertops, chicken-themed everything (upholstery, paintings, dishes, and assorted tchotchkes) and a custom made second sink by […]

Photo: Lucy Taylor

Full bloom: A Madison tulip farm extends its reach

The story of how Keriann Koeman came to have upwards of 50,000 tulips planted on her property starts with love, but not necessarily a love of tulips. Koeman, a self described “green girl,” met Jeroen Koeman, who hailed from a Dutch family of tulip growers. They fell in love, got married, and started the first […]