ARTS Pick: James Vincent McMorrow


James Vincent McMorrow’s True Care could be named True Confessions, judging by a statement the Irishman posted on his website about crafting the new album. “Lot of one takes with no click tracks, in a room moving from sound to sound, idea to idea,” McMorrow writes. “I wasn’t doing any of that because I was trying to reconnect with some mystical romantic notion of making music though. Fuck that.” And for the live set, he’s determined to bond with the audience. “I know the idea of a musician forcing their newest record on you is some pretentious self-centered bullshit,” he says. “But I’m not that guy. The reason I want to do this [is] because I want to create a connection with an audience for those 45 minutes that is instinctual and reciprocal, and completely unique.”

Tuesday, June 13. $20-23, 7pm. The Jefferson Theater, 110 E. Main St., Downtown Mall. 245-4980.

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