ARTS Pick: Final Fridays

David Johnson’s “On the James River” (Virginia, 1860) is one of the works on display in the Fralin’s “The Valley of the Shadow” exhibit. Photo courtesy of the Fralin Museum of Art.

Friday 8/31

Finals begin

According to the UVA art scene, a final during your first week is the ideal way to ease back in to college life.  The Final Fridays series kicks off with four special exhibitions at the Fralin Museum of Art. “Ancient Masters in Modern Styles,” “The Valley of the Shadow,” “Jean Hélion,” and “Making Science Visible” will all be on display at this on-Grounds answer to our Downtown Mall’s First Fridays. $3 for non-members, 5:30pm. UVA’s Fralin Museum of Art, 155 Rugby Rd. 924-3592.