Yep, you can recycle corks and CFLs


From the every-little-bit helps department, a couple of small recycling programs that have popped up around here lately:

Number one, your wine corks no longer have to go into the trash. Instead they can go into bins at Foods of All Nations, Market Street Wineshop, The Pub at Fardowner’s, and a handful of other local spots. Then they’ll be recycled into a number of potential products from cork flooring to shoe soles to car parts. Carpet Plus is running this program, called Re-Cork C’ville, which is nice of them.

I have a silly number of old corks at my house. I saved them for years. I wasn’t even ambitious enough to be intending to make them into a bulletin board or something clever like that. I just wanted to put them all into a giant glass bottle, something I’d seen in someone else’s home and liked. I never found the right container, but now I think I have: a Re-Cork bin! We’ll all be happier this way.

Number two, Timberlake Lighting will take your compact fluorescent lamps (CFLs) for recycling in Connecticut. It looks to me like the Rivanna Solid Waste Authority takes them too, at the McIntire Center, but I’m confirming that. (UPDATE: Yes they do, and they do get recycled.) It certainly doesn’t hurt to have another dropoff point—kind of like the way Whole Foods will take certain recyclables in front of the store. Timberlake is on Berkmar Court, off Rio Road West.

Small programs, maybe, but I’m perfectly happy to see local businesses putting energy into this kind of initiative.

Anyone know of other small business-based recycling opportunities?