X-Prize winner Oliver Kuttner fined $250 for disorderly conduct


One month after his Edison2 design team took home the $5 million Automotive X-Prize for its 100-plus-miles-per-gallon Very Light Car, Oliver Kuttner was pulled over by Lynchburg police for driving with a suspended license. Kuttner, a former Charlottesville developer who now calls Lynchburg home, was ultimately charged with obstruction of justice without force.

Today, the Lynchburg News & Advance reports that Kuttner will pay a $250 fine and has no plans to appeal. According to the paper Kuttner said that the "justice system is better served by me saying ‘If an officer pulls you over, do what they say.’"

Following news of the charge, a third party alleged that Kuttner was the victim of officer misconduct. Lynchburg Police Department Captain Todd Swisher told C-VILLE that officers had no direct contact with Kuttner about misconduct allegations, to his knowledge. An internal invetsigation yielded no such charges against Lynchburg police.