Winter 2010: Check her bag


 If you ask Sasha Farmer, organization equals success. The Montague, Miller & Co. realtor—best in town according to C-VILLE’s 2010 readers’ poll—has had her most successful year ever. How’d she do it? Streamlining. “I basically eliminated paper,” she says. 

We took a peek in her gadget-heavy purse for ideas.—Caite White

The bag: Farmer says she uses this Coach purse as more of a work briefcase. To make things easier, she hangs on to the clutch when she meets with clients. Still, she has to be ready for anything and the purse carries all the essentials. “My car has even more stuff in it!” she says.

Apple iPad: “This is my biggest necessity,” Farmer says. She uses it instead of a laptop.

Hairbrush: Sometimes when showing land, says Farmer, it can be “rainy, windy, disgusting.” It’s always good to have a hairbrush once you get back to the car.

Flash drive: Farmer keeps digital presentations stored on this portable device. “It’s all right there and I can take it to the printer,” she says.

Bluetooth headset: “This is so I can talk on my phone all day long,” she says. 

Flashlight: “With recent foreclosures, sometimes I’ll show a house with no power. This gets me in the front door.”  

Business cards: “I always have a bunch of my own,” she says, “but I like to have a place for other people’s too, so they don’t get mixed in. …And, it’s cute!” 

Lint roller: Farmer always keeps this for pet-hair emergencies. “Going to houses with dogs, sometimes they jump on you and can cover a black suit [in fur].” 

Apple iPhone: Synced with her iPad, Farmer’s phone keeps her schedule and to-do lists organized. And it even opens lock boxes. “Even if I don’t have the iPad with me, I can pretty much do everything I need to with my phone.”

Makeup case: Constantly on the go, Farmer rarely has time to run home and reapply between appointments. She carries this bag for quick touch-ups.

Emergency kit: Given to her as a bridesmaid, it has “everything you could ever need”—nail polish, a sewing kit and even hairspray.

Camera: “It’s good for photographing a house someone likes on the fly,” she says. And, it comes in handy for her website,, where she highlights local events and activities. 

Remote: She uses this when she’s giving a listing presentation; it makes it easy to flip through on the computer or the iPad.

Clutch: Farmer uses this Coach bag as her everyday purse. “It only fits my phone, checkbook and credit cards.” 

Dice: Great for an impromptu bar night, Farmer says, “They’re fun and you can always find something to do with them.”