Win some, lose some: Misses from C-VILLE's past 20 years

Win some, lose some: Misses from C-VILLE's past 20 years

Assault with an inky weapon

Blogs were yet to become commonplace, but "Gail Force" managed to flame misdirected Working Weekly publisher Gail Bentley, anyway, using all the tricks of the yet-to-be-born trade: anonymity, vitriol and recurrent posts that lasted for months. Too bad somebody didn’t hit the editorial staff in the head with one of those frequently invoked four-inch heels.

Spring 2000

Turns out they were right

City parents had an early line on schools superintendent Scottie Griffin, but it took us a bit longer. Within months, after alienating teachers and administrators alike, she had resigned.

December 28, 2004

"Proofreader Wanted" ad cleverly disguised as a cover headline

December 9, 1997
















Outstanding achievement in insensitivity

Our lowest moment?

November 10, 1998
















Beating a dead horse

A three-part series on cemeteries. Why?

December 10, 1991

December 18, 1991


January 8, 1992


Sexual relations with "that woman"

Avery Chenoweth refers to the First Lady’s "kissable smile."

February 7, 1995













More proof that we’re reporters, not forecasters

Yeah, right. Dreaded ‘zines will taint the publishing industry.

December 6, 1994













Buying the hype

This story marks our brief and painful love affair with fake Jeffersonianism.

January 23, 1996

















Selling the hype

Red Light Management’s next big thing rolled into town for a "residency" at Starr Hill Music. Where are they now? Exactly.

January 25, 2005
















Obvious bid to bed literature grad students

What other reason could there be for a full-page review of Foucault’s Pendulum?

January 23, 1990