Win some, lose some: HITS from C-VILLE's past 20 years

Win some, lose some: HITS from C-VILLE's past 20 years

Someday, kid, you’re gonna be a star

Early brushes with David Matthews (and his sister Jane), Tina Fey, Trevor Moore and Steve Keene.

December 21, 1989










November 22, 1994





May 12, 1998



November 13, 1990


































Going inside the War on Drugs


April 8, 2003

March 10, 1998












June 7, 2005


March 4, 2008




"Value-added" publishing

That’s a free poster, pal. Free.












Name that smell

More than manure was stinking up Albemarle horse country when Jeremy "Mr. Betty Scripps" Harvey was implicated in financial fraud.

February 28, 2006












Tough questions

In which our reporter asks, in the matter of the UVA Hospital switched babies case, "Why is the Daily Progress coverage so damn lame?"

August 25, 1998

Because no one else was doing it

Oh, like you wouldn’t review the phone book if you had a chance!

"Year end" issue, 1989

Because no one else was doing it, pt. 2

A three-year photo series on boots is just so…alternative.

April 30, 1991












Still ugly after all these years

And no, we wouldn’t like this building any better if it were also named for Sacagawea.

March 20, 1990

September 30, 2008














Explaining government to the masses

Doing our part to help the city run better.

November 1, 2005























April 7, 2009

Love means never having to say "nine stories"

Summing up the made-in-hell marriage and divorce of Halsey Minor and Lee Danielson, in which somehow downtown Charlottesville gets left with custody of the kid.









Finally getting Washington’s attention

April 24, 2007




















Exposing the Al-Qaeda problem

By which we mean Ed Robb’s Al-Qaeda problem.

December 30, 2003
























Questioning authority

Jayson Whitehead discovers the NGIC-Wendell Wood-Albemarle County Supervisors land redesignation arrangement.

March 20, 2007















Does someone need a juice box?

Commonwealth’s Attorney Dave Chapman did not approve of our investigative technique.

October 25, 2005


























Great moments in forecasting

Did we make DMB or did they make us?

February 5, 1992

















Readers R Us

To all the guys who live in your mother’s basement with your rock posters and amps, we salute you.

October 28, 2003















Bucking the tide

Building ’em up just to knock ’em down.

December 13, 1994




















Behind the curtain

Sure, it was easy for the guys from Frommer’s to rank Charlottesville at the Top of the heap when they never even laid eyes on the Wal-Mart!

April 6, 2004












The beginning of the end

Virgil Goode opens the door to Tom Perriello’s successful challenge two years later with his objections to Muslim Congressman Keith Ellison.

December 19, 2006


















Supporting the local economy

"Boosting" means never have to pay retail and more.

April 17, 2007
















Modern lovers

Repping for contemporary design in a traditional town, courtesy of W.G. Clark and Gregg Bleam.

Abode, December 2008