Will Albemarle County close school gap by diminishing teacher raise?


The Albemarle County School Board has the money available to cover its funding gap—a nearly $4 million hole partially plugged by an additional $75 million approved by both the state Senate and House of Delegates. With a roughly $1.5 million gap remaining, however, the Albemarle County Board of Supervisors will meet Wednesday morning to discuss options for balancing the county school budget.

One such option may be a diminished raise for county teachers and other school employees. According to Albemarle County schools’ budget request, teachers in county schools with more than two decades’ experience are paid below the school system’s "competitive market target" by as much as $1,000. According to the school budget request, those teachers were slated for the greatest increase in salary. "Our teachers with 10 or less years of experience are well within our target market strategy," reads the budget request, "and thus will receive a smaller increase."

Leave your thoughts below, folks: Is Albemarle County paying its teachers an appropriately competitive rate?