Who is Jerry Seinfeld to judge?


 “The Marriage Ref” 

Sunday after the Olympics, NBC
Can someone please explain to me why America still likes Jerry Seinfeld? He was always the least entertaining part of his eponymous sitcom, and since that ended he’s mostly been known for acting like a smug, entitled jackass. And yet, NBC is counting on his new show to save the network. Sigh. “The Marriage Ref” is a reality show/game show hybrid, in which bickering couples are filmed being awful to one another, and then they state their cases to a panel of celebrities. Seinfeld will be among the rotating panelists, which also include Alec Baldwin, Kelly Ripa, Sarah Silverman, Martin Short, Larry David and, allegedly, Madonna. Which I will totally tune in for, if it’s true.
“The Inbetweeners” 
Wednesday 9:30pm, BBC America
This hilarious Britcom starts its second season in America with more inappropriate teen humor. The show follows former prep-schooler Will as he tries to adapt to life in a decidedly not-posh public school. Quickly he finds a group of juvenile delinquents who bring him into the fold, if only to get a crack at his totally fit mum. In no time they become fast friends, and the four of them make terrible decisions that make an already bad situation much, much worse. Nothing is off limits on this show, including the mentally retarded and pedophiles. But the results are gut-busting. “Car friend!”

“The Real Housewives of Orange County” 
Thursday 10pm, Bravo
What a fascinating, messed-up season this has been. Although this supposed reality show has always been full of fake things—fake rich people, fake drama, fake hair, fake boobs—this year got a lot more real, as the crapola economy left two of the five housewives without homes (one had to short-sell, the other was evicted), and several of the others scrambling to make ends meet. You know we’re through the looking glass when Vicki somehow becomes the voice of reason after years of being a full-on psycho hosebeast (that’s the actual medical term for her condition). But the one that really sets my teeth on edge is that idiot Lynne. Watching her sob about her terrible children is one thing (BE A PARENT!), but watching her go on a Vegas shopping spree after being evicted from her home made me want to actually throw up. HATE!