What’s the frequency, Martha? [January 14]


This morning, radio listeners awoke to a brave new world, at least on the 103.5 FM frequency. That’s the NPR station based in Harrisonburg, and from now on it’ll be airing more talk programming during the middle of the day, rather than classical music. Major NPR news shows Morning Edition and All Things Considered will still air at the usual times; now they’ll be joined by an hour of BBC news, plus On Point, Fresh Air and Talk of the Nation. Also, WMRA promises more Virginia news coverage courtesy of Tom Graham and Martha Woodroof, the latter being a C-VILLE favorite for her unique brand of (seemingly) inebriated enthusiasm.

Oh—and fear not, Mendelssohn maniacs and Debussy devotees. You can still get your classical fix at WMRA’s sister station, 91.7 FM WEMC, which launched in 2007.

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