What do you see?

Thursday 10pm, FX
Well, here’s something different. Elijah Wood stars as Ryan, a down-on-his-luck young man who finds help from an unlikely source: his neighbor’s dog, Wilfred. To everyone else Wilfred is a regular pooch. To Ryan, he is an Australian dude in a shoddy dog costume. He can talk, he can walk, he can mock, and he’ll probably hump someone’s leg at some point. So it’s kind of “Calvin & Hobbes” meets Harvey. It’s a remake of an Australian sitcom of the same name (so…not totally different), and the series creator—Jason Gann—reprises the dog role in this series. Look for appearances by Ethan Suplee (“My Name is Earl”), Chris Klein (a spate of terrible ’90s teen films), Rashida Jones (“Parks and Recreation”), Jane Kaczmarek (“Malcolm in the Middle”), and Mary Steenburgen.
“Young, Broke, and Beautiful”
Friday 11pm, IFC
If you’re a fan of travel, there’s no better hipster to have at your side than Stuart Schuffman, a.k.a. Broke-Ass Stuart, who has become something of a cult hero for telling people how to explore our big, bad globe on a starving, misunderstood, would-be artist’s budget. Broke-Ass Stuart started out by writing a zine about living cheaply in San Francisco, which was turned into a popular book, which begat work for the Lonely Planet guides, which led to this new travel series, which led to even more books. So I’m guessing his nom de plume isn’t entirely accurate anymore. In this season Not-So-Broke-Ass Stuart will show you cool, low-cost things to do in Baltimore, Boston, Detroit, Memphis, New Orleans and San Diego.
“True Blood”
Sunday 9pm, HBO
Those wonderful, trashy vampires are back. I know some people had some issues with Season 3, but I loved it. Evil gay vampire Russell made for some hilariously awesome moments, we got lots of hot, naked werewolf dudes, and Sookie literally cut someone. Tens across the board! Witches will be central to Season 4, as you might have guessed based on the magic storyline involving Lafayette and Jesus last season, as well as the introduction of vaguely menacing Wiccan waitress Holly. But that’s just the beginning. Look for a convenient bout of amnesia to bring two of the leads closer, more werepanther weirdness with poor Jason, more scenes with ball-busting vampiress Nan Flanigan, and of course more filthy sex and gory deaths for your enjoyment.