Webb to remain in U.S. Senate

Webb to remain in U.S. Senate

Jim Webb will not be a candidate for vice president, he revealed in a press release today. "I entered elective politics because of my commitment to strengthen America’s national security posture," he says, "…and I am convinced that my efforts and talents toward those ends are best served in the Senate."

He will, however, continue to support Senator Barack Obama. Calling Obama a "man who speaks eloquently about our national goals," Webb says he’ll still campaign for the presidential candidate.

Senator Webb’s recent achievements most notably include the passing of a GI Bill to increase college aid to veterans of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan through the Senate. In the press release, Webb says that the Senate’s ability to address citizens’ concerns seems promising, and he’s committed to future successes.

Governor Tim Kaine released a statement shortly after Webb’s press release in support of the Senator’s decision. "It is good news for Virginia that he will continue to represent the Commonwealth," he says. "…His service to Virginia and to the country has been invaluable."

Senator Jim Webb says he’s sticking with the Senate to "promote economic fairness and to increase government accountability."