Van gunfire leads to murder charges

Van gunfire leads to murder charges

Charlottesville Police have arrested three people and charged them with first degree murder in connection with a shooting that resulted in the death of 29-year-old Shawn Anthony Luck of Palmyra. Around 2:45pm on April 8 in the area of Meade and Fairway avenues, two of three occupants exchanged gunfire inside a white Dodge van that then ran off the road and struck a chain link fence.

Curtis Tyrell Montague, Jada Marie Dubrose Dickerson and Candace Marie Williams face a first degree murder charge for the death of Shawn Anthony Luck last week.

“I thought they were just driving fast and all of this, but once I heard the gunshot, then I knew something was really happening,” an eyewitness told NBC29’s Henry Graff. “So I stopped.”

All three of the van’s occupants were taken to the UVA Medical Center, and two were released with non-life-threatening injuries. Luck was listed in critical condition until his death on April 12.

On April 13, police arrested three individuals—Curtis Tyrell Montague, Jada Marie Dubrose Dickerson and Candace Marie Williams—charging them with robbery, abduction and other charges in addition to the murder. Montague is from the Richmond area, while Dickerson and Williams are locals. All three are being held without bond pending a court appearance.

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