VA GOP: Restore abstinence-only sex-ed [November 23]

VA GOP: Restore abstinence-only sex-ed [November 23]

The Washington Post reports that state Republicans are calling for Governor Tim Kaine to reinstate funding for abstinence-only education. In October Kaine pulled $275,000 in matching funds for abstinence-only programs, the Post reports. “The research shows programs that are abstinence-only are not successful,” Kaine said. “The budget will not have funding for abstinence-only programs. If the people look at the research, the answer is pretty clear.”

Attorney General Bob McDonnell, Lieutenant Governor Bill Bolling and other Virginia Republicans are apparently not those people. “He is a Catholic, and I am a Catholic, and I know our church teaches abstinence,” McDonnell said. “I am puzzled by his decision.” Some conservatives in the country are concerned that Kaine’s decision might be the start of a more progressive agenda, the Post says. “I expect this is the beginning of him showing what his priorities are,” says Senate Majority Leader Walter Stosche.

Attorney General Bob McDonnell is puzzled by Governor Kaine’s elimination of abstinence-only education funding.

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