UVA versus Michigan, by the numbers


Total student population

University of Virginia: 21,057
University of Michigan: 56,857 (all campuses)
Total operating budget 
University of Virginia: $2.25 billion (through June 2010)
University of Michigan: $5.42 billion (all campuses), $1.5 billion overseen by Sullivan in 2009
Number of employees
University of Virginia: 15,128 full-time
University of Michigan: 9,266 instructional staff; 30,654 non-instructional (all campuses)
President’s base salary
University of Virginia: $485,000, with total compensation not to exceed $680,000
University of Michigan: $553,500, with a total salary package of $783,850*
Major fundraising challenges
University of Virginia: Nearing completion of $3 billion capital campaign
University of Michigan: Completed “Michigan Difference Campaign,” raised $3.2 billion between 2000 and 2008 (Sullivan started at Michigan in 2006)
University of Virginia: $4.3 billion (as of November 30, 2009)
University of Michigan: $6 billion (as of June 30, 2009)
In-state tuition
University of Virginia: $9,870
University of Michigan: From $5,735
Out-of-state tuition
University of Virginia: $31,870
University of Michigan: From $17,374
City population (circa 2008)
Charlottesville: 41,487 
Ann Arbor: 114,386 
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