UVA still a long shot, and getting longer [December 26]

UVA still a long shot, and getting longer [December 26]

Even though UVA recently went out touring with Harvard and Princeton in an effort to open its doors to more low-income high school students, a story in today’s Norfolk Examiner says UVA is becoming more and more of a long shot for out-of-state, public-school applicants.

Out-of-state applicants are finding it more difficult to become Wahoos.

"The University of Virginia, a school considered notoriously difficult to get into from out of state, is among those schools becoming more and more unreachable," writes Courtney Mabeus in the Examiner story. "In 2006, the school offered 107 students out of 319 public school applicants a spot in that year’s freshman class."

Of those 107 students, 33 enrolled. This year, 378 public schoolers applied to UVA, and 105 were accepted. Thirty-one enrolled, down two from last year.

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