Two Nelson County residents die in India terrorist attacks


The Lynchburg News and Advance reports that two Nelson County residents, 58-year-old Alan Sherr and his daughter, 13-year-old Naomi Sherr, have died as a result of Wednesday’s terrorist attacks in Mumbai, India.

The pair, who traveled with the Synchronicity Foundation to Mumbai for a spiritual retreat, were dining in the Oberoi Hotel’s cafe when the terrorists came in and opened fire, according to the News and Advance. Other members of the group stayed in their hotel rooms for two straight days in order to survive the violence.

Alan and Naomi were both members of the Synchronicity Foundation, a group that promotes a form of meditation. They, with Alan’s wife, Kia, moved to the Shrine of the Heart Synchronicity Sanctuary in Faber more than 10 years ago.

Following the attacks, the city of Mumbai was on lockdown. Now, says the News and Advance, Synchronicity’s vice president and managing director Bobbie Garvey is focusing on getting the survivors back to the U.S. "We will be contacting our congressman and senator," Garvey said. "We will need all the assistance we can get to get these people out of India."

As if on cue, Congressman-elect Tom Perriello released a statement this afternoon expressing concern and committing support:

"I am shocked and saddened by this tragic news from across the globe and from right here in our community. My prayers are with the Scherr family and members of their spiritual community during this painful time," the release says. "Acts of terrorism, wherever committed, are crimes against our common humanity, and we have been reminded that conflicts abroad reverberate back home. I pledge to work tirelessly in Congress to challenge these cowardly acts and create a more stable world."